Saturday, November 12, 2011

Treatment 3 done!!

We are almost home from Houston and have had a great couple of days. My mom, Rachel and Lee, and Darren and Candace came to Houston with us and it has been so great to have them here.

Josh and I came here on Thursday in time to visit with Ms. Vanessia, Misty, and Cassie. We had a great time with them and as of Friday, Ms. Vanessia is officially in remission!!! Praise God! I can't wait till I will be able to join her, but I can't tell you how thankful and excited we are for the West's. They are so special to us and to have this great news makes us so so happy.

I had my bloodwork and chemo yesterday and all went well. We had to wait for forver to get my chemo and were wondering why, because that had never happened before. Well, my white blood count had dropped so they were awaiting approval from my doctor to make sure that I could get my 3rd treatment. She said yes and we got started! No problems after that. I just am supposed to stay away from sick people:)

I felt great after chemo and am still feeling great. We had a great time eating and at the mall last night and did some shopping as well today. It is so good to spend time with family, and it doesn't hurt to have family that you are really good friends with. That is what we have. We are so blessed.

The next things that are coming up is my port installation and a possible BART test. Hopefully we will be able to get the port in soon so I will stop having to get poked! It is crazy the amount of nurses that cannot find my veins...I have gotten used to it now and it hurts less because I know what to expect. Nevertheless, we are ready for that port. It should be installed either before or on December 1st. It will be a surgical procedure, but should be fairly short.

The BART test is another genetic test that apparently catches the things that the BRCA test does not catch. I am supposed to meet with a genetic counselor soon to talk about scheduling the blood test. Please please be praying that test comes back negative as well, as it would have many of the implications that the BRCA would have had, had it been positive.

God is so good to us. I was able to go back to work this week a little bit and besides a few little things, I have been feeling great.

Josh and I at some point hope to tell all the stories of how generous people have been to us. One story that is on my mind in particular has to do with my hair. Here in the next few weeks, I will start really losing my hair and of course was anxious of how to handle all of this. Do I wear scarves, hats, wigs??! I mean, who would have ever thought I would be contemplating all of this! Anyways, I looked at wigs and of course the good-looking ones were fairly expensive and we didn't know what we would quite do. Well, to make a long story short, my friend and hairdresser, Stephanie Noland, showed up at the Taylor's with a card that contained enough money for us to get a great wig. Several people from our church contributed to this and we were just overwhelmed at this gift.

The Lord has impressed upon us such a strong desire to help others like we have been helped. We want to be half as good to others as you have been to us. Thank you for being the example to us that we strive to be like. Christ has been shown through all of you. Besides feeling God's presence more than ever, we see Him in all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I will be rocking my wig soon:) Thank you to all who contributed-you are amazing and we love you!


Ginny Evans said...

Aly, this is such an inspiring report!! You are such an amazing Child of God!! We will continue to pray you through this journey and one door soon you will hear what Vanessa heard!! CANCER FREE!!!! Love you and Josh!
Ms. Ginny

Ginny Evans said...

Meant "day soon"

Robin said...

So glad everything went well :) I know you'll be glad when you get your the pictures you posted... Makes my heart just skip a beat to see such love in a family :) Love y'all & hold you up in our prayers ....:)

Ben Boyd said...


When your father died it took me a day to arrive in Lafayette to be with you and Jessica from Kansas City. My mother should have been in surgery as she was so sick, Aunt Charlotte was heart-broken, and your mother was caring for others in a super-human fashion..... how graciously she handled herself at such a time. What strength. She was "others centered". She still is.

But then, there was Jessica and Aly. You two were my concern. I believe you were ten years old. I remember the expression on your face when I first saw you in your living room very well. You were reserved, quiet, kind, and willing to express gratitude for the most simple gestures.

The smile I see in the pictures posted in these updates reminds me of the precious smile you were offering even in your darkest moment at ten years old. Your strength reminds me of your mother's. You are the definition of inspiring!

I suppose I do not expect you to be able to remember what I said to you and Jessica at that time. Within minutes of being with you two, I asked you to sit with me and I opened up the Scripture to the Song of Songs. I explained that in this love poem, King Solomon represents Christ, and the Shulamite maiden represents Jessica and Aly...... the bride of Christ.

I told you two that in the first chapters of Song of Songs the Shulamite maiden was young, independent, and frisky... leaping and skipping on the mountain sides. She even turned her Beloved away at times when He would persue her. She was very self sufficient.

Then, I told you and Jessica that life hurt the Shulamite maiden. In various places throughout Song of Songs she was abused and knocked down.

Finally, in Chapter 8:5, a relative of hers looks out into the wilderness seeing two figures approaching. Her relative (Uncle Ben) tries to recognize these two, but asks the question (verse 5) "who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved?"

As I conclude Aly, a bit of what I read to you when you were ten has happened. Life has hurt you some. The blows from this fallen world have found their mark and have stung you.

But, what has been the result of the trials you have faced? I will tell you. The result is Uncle Ben (your relative from Song of Songs 8:5) is looking out into the wilderness at two figures approaching, and he asks, "who is this coming out of the desert leaning on her Beloved?" The answer is, it is precious Aly coming out of the wilderness leaning on Jesus!

Your strong faith in your Beloved inspires me. I am proud to know you, delighted to watch you glorify your Beloved by leaning on Him, and it is an honor to be able to pray to your Beloved for His healing to be released for His Aly.

I love you very much, as do all of us in my family.

Blessings to you precious young lady,

Uncle Ben