Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still in Houston

So, we are still in Houston. Yesterday, we talked to my nurse and she said that nothing could be done until my counts go up. They told me to rest and we would draw blood again on Wednesday. We decided to stay here to give my body the best chance of the best rest.

Please pray my counts go up! We plan to stay in Houston until they do. In the future, there is apparently something they can give me that helps my counts go up so that this is not such an issue. We are praying and trusting that a great solution to all of this will be made!

As of right now, on Thursday I have an appointment with the reconstructive surgeon, as well as an ultrasound and an appointment with Dr. Morrow. This is the appointment I have been long awaiting as the ultrasound with show how I am responding to chemo...I can't wait to see how well it is responding!!! After the ultrasound, we will meet with my Dr. I assuming to discuss the results and to gain a little more clarity on that the future treatments look like.

Please pray my counts go up so high and also that the ultrasound shows the cancer shrinking, if not gone! God can do more than we would even think or imagine, so I am having faith that some would note as foolish...

We will stay in Houston until my chemo treatment is given! Please pray it happens quickly...it is so crazy to feel fine, yet your blood work looks terrible. God is so good to me. I take all of this as a sign of the chemo working wonderfully, killing all cancer cells in my body. I told Josh last night that even though my hair continues to fall out, I gain some sort of satisfaction from it...cells are continuing to be killed. Of course, struggling with it, but God has given me an incredible perspective.

Love you all and thank you for praying for high ANC counts and great results on Thursday...


Patti Roshto said...

Hi Aly. I am Neill and Angela Roshto's mom and a friend of your Mom and Joey. I teach with Janis Weber from your church. I recently signed up to receive your updates by email.

Every time I read one of your posts I am so encouraged by your faith. You are a wonderful example of how Christians should face trials.

I am making a commitment to pray for your specific requests and am counting the days until we hear a good report of God's blessings on your life.

We do know God's purpose is greater than we can imagine and He uses trials and circumstances to show others around us His perfect will, His grace, His power, and His love.

Keep your chin up! Get that rest that you so need! And keep that positive attitude that can only come from Him!

Patti Roshto

Jessie1225 said...

'Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and thrown into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.' Mark 11:22-24 Love you Aly! Jessie

Robin said...

Sweet Aly, waiting is always the hardest part :( but His word says..."Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord" so that's what I'm praying & believing for right now ... That your strength (and your count will rise) as you wait :) Love you both so much...

Ainsley Beeman said...

Amen sis, Amen! I believe the Lord wants us to have what some would consider "foolish faith"...after all He is God of the universe who spoke us into being : )

I just reread this blog as I was praying for you and realized you noted a scripture Margie and I have been praying all week. I would like to say "that's crazy", but it's not...it's just our awesome God hearing the cries of His girls : ) He is so intimate with our heart thoughts, Hallelujah!

"Ephesians 3:20 ~ Now to Him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work with in us, to Him be the glory in the church & in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever & ever! Amen."

What a blessing you are sis...you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made never forget that! Love you so very much, fervently praying and believing for high ANC levels and great results on Thursday!

XoXo ~Ains : )
p.s. im sure you have heard it before but check out Shane & Shane's song "In You"...good stuff!

Anna Stephens said...

We are praying constantly, Aly. I have faith that your count will be WAY up and you will receive GREAT news from your doctor tomorrow. Your faith is challenging me and I am thankful for it!! Keep us posted.

Luis & Teresa Aguilar said...

Jesus is as alive today as he was 2000 years ago. We is a miracle worker and a healer now as he was then. Pastor Joseph Prince said it best, "As He is in Heaven, so are you on this earth." Jesus has no sickness nor disease in Heaven, so as He is healthy and strong, so are you Aly. Your faith will overcome.
Not sure if you guys are paying for a hotel or what kind of accommodations you have, but my wife, Teresa, and I will gladly open our home for you guys to avoid any additional costs to you if any. God bless you Aly. We can't wait to hear your testimony once this is defeated by our Lord God.

John Stephenson said...

I cannot wait to hear your praise report later today. I'll be checking this thing all day! I love where your mind is and how you are looking at this! You KNOW you belong to Jesus Christ, and NO weapon formed against you shall prosper. You are above and not beneath, blessed when you go in and when you come out. Everything you put your hands to (chemo) will prosper! God does not give you the spirit of fear, but a sound, and peaceful mind. Rest easy Aly. I speak to this cancer, in the name of Jesus Christ! I command it to weaken and die! I speak to your body's cells and command them to multiply and strengthen in the name of Jesus! As Jesus said, "it is finished". I say to this cancer...YOU ARE FINISHED in the name of Almighty Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

Love that faith that is so strong that the world calls it foolish, Aly!!! Agreeing with you for good reports, and casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. 2 Corinthians 10:5
ms janis