Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moving On- Peace When Circumstances Don't Match Up

Moving On

Well, as many of you know at this point, we have moved! And yes, 
it feels like we just moved in. Literally.

If you remember, when I was diagnosed, we were in the middle of building our house.
 We built this house as a home that we knew we would sell in a couple of years as 
real estate. Yes, it's not the most fun to build a house, live in it for 2 years and sell it, but that is what we have chosen to do!

This was us on our final day at the house. Sweaty, tired, and wishing it wasn't 100 degrees outside.

The House History

Just a quick re-cap: Josh was the contractor on our house. 
So, when I was diagnosed,
 the house-building process completely stopped. He couldn't even think about house stuff.

We had so many family members and friends start helping toward finishing 
our house. It was amazing. We then had Jonathan Hill (the best builder there is:)) help us finish our house. Along with Twin City Electric, Fox Family Electric, and tons of more people that offered their labor and time.

To say that we grew connected to this house is a complete understatement.

If the help we received wasn't enough to be sentimentally attached, life-changing things happened in that house.

Oh, the things that happened in that house!

I got the call of my diagnosis in that house. Josh and I were in our guest bedroom sanding baseboards when the doctor called. I sunk deep into the corner of the room and cried out to God there. I remember holding my chest and just crying out, "Lord heal me. Please heal me!" 

That space in our house, oh wait, I guess it's not ours anymore:(,  is sacred to us.

I screamed at God in that house. 
I got devastating news in that house. 
I shaved my head in that house.
 I shouted for joy in that house. 
I got sick in that house. 
I was depressed in that house. 
I was the happiest I've ever been in that house. 
I was HEALED in that house.


It's funny because I am not a very sentimental person with things. I really don't keep posters from a high school event, or a program from a dance recital. I am sentimental about the bigger things. Notes, cards, items that were my dads, or grandmother's jewelry, etc...

As you learned from my mattress post, for some reason houses are very sentimental to me. HA! and who would have thought I would marry a man that would be in real estate where we make our living off of flipping properties:) Cue God's laughter!

But, here we are! We closed on our a house a few weeks ago and moved in an apartment until we start building another. 

Peace is God's Will

Moving on doesn't necessarily mean moving up.

We have followed God's leading against our emotions, our wants, and our sentimentalness (is that a word?, probably not:)).

But we have peace. We are loving our little one bedroom apartment. We are so blessed.

How blessed are we that we sold our house so quickly?! It was bittersweet and a little surreal that it happened so quickly and we weren't really ready for it. But we had peace.

So many people have said, so you love your house, you loved your neighborhood, it has so much sentimental why are you selling it?

I've had the same questions asked about why I'm not taking some big "Dr." private practice job. 

The answer is following God's leading and being in his will. We know that is where we are and have peace in that, even if from the world's point of view, people think we are crazy.

Josh and I plan on writing a joint post soon to talk about our last few days at our house.

So, now you know where we are and why we've moved. Everything really happened so quickly in the midst of vacations that many people didn't even know we moved.

Oh, by the way I HATE moving. Especially up a 3rd floor apartment. No other words or explanation needed...Peace while moving to a 3rd floor apartment- there is no way that isn't God- given:)

Oh, and here we are the NEW gas station across from our neighborhood that opened up the day we closed on our house. Isn't it ironic. Don't you think?

Now you know,


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The Lewis' said...

I really enjoyed your post Aly. I can relate to some of the things you talked about. Being obedient to God's plan is what matter's for eternity, even if we don't understand, but He reveals his reasons in time. I truly believe that. Blessings to you and Josh! Still praying and believing! :)