Friday, November 18, 2011

Port surgery

Aly just went back to get her port put in. We were with the doctor and they asked if she wanted complete sedation or just enough for her to not actually be in pain and of course in classic fashion Aly says just give me the lesser one because we have some stuff to do today when this is over. I literally am in awe of her ongoing strength because let me tell you that I ask for the gas at the dentist office to get my teeth cleaned. Needless to say they would have to knock me out just to make me stay still, this woman is crazy strong.

The lady asked her what is your pain tolerance and said on a scale of one to ten when would you be uncomfortable and to that Aly said 8. The lady looked at me expecting me to say something different and the only thing I had to say different was I don't think she feels pain.

Today's Proverb is golden, especially Verse 22: the man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD.

I now know why Nic Cage called for advice on treasure hunting when they were shooting National Treasure. Anyone could look and see I have quite a jewel....that is my sad, bad attempt for the day.

We will post later on when we a actually getting round 4 of chemo and how the surgery this morning went, as of now she should be out of surgery in 15:05seconds.


Ashley Kent said...

haha at least you attempted :P lol but thats great! Im glad things are okay and rolling. Praying for you both still <3 Love y'all :)

xo Ashley K.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts Josh! Thank you so much for sharing some of the little details with us! Oh Aly, your strength and faith continues to give me chills! You know, everyone already thought you were amazing before all you're really just showing us all up:) We love you both and are continuing to pray!

~Sarah Niswanger