Sunday, November 20, 2011

Silpada Jewelry Event to SUPPORT Aly

Like myself, we are all searching for many ways to SUPPORT and BLESS Aly through this journey of her life. I would love to invite you to another event being held so that you can help make this possible! I, with the help of my dear friend Brandae Miller/Silpada Representative, am holding an ONLINE jewelry catalog order. Brandae has been blessed beyond words can say with her growing business and has been waiting for the opportunity to bless someone in return. She will be donating 100% of her profit to Aly and Josh.

If you are not familiar with Silipada Jewelry, it is handcrafted with the finest Sterling Silver and manufactured to stand the test of time with a LIFETIME GUARENTEE! To order and browse the catalog, type in as appears, making sure that you include the forward slash and period between brandae and miller or it WILL NOT pull up Brandae's home page. PLEASE make sure that at checkout, you CHOOSE ALY TAYLOR as HOSTESS so all purchases will go towards Aly's Event!! This event was initially going to be held through the entire month of November, but Will be extended until DECEMBER 4. Note, we will need to close on the order by that date so all orders will be processed and delivered in plenty of time for Christmas! Like myself, what not a perfect time to do Christmas shopping for those wonderful people on our list, and at the same time, contribute to blessing an AMAZING young woman!!!!!!!

If you have ANY questions or would like help placing the order, please contact Lee Ann Shows at 318-376-0674 or Brandae Miller (Silpada Representative) at 601-807-9343. Please get your orders in soon! Blessings to all and Happy Shopping!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aly, Jessica, and Cyd,
We continue to think about you and keep you in our prayers. I could not help but think about a quote that I heard recently while reading your last post--"Man plans, God laughs." Oh, He does know our comings and goings, our thoughts, and our ways, and yet still He will never leave us!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Aly, Josh,

Greetings. Since the first day I read you blog, the thoughts and prayers of my family and I have been with you . Your story, your strength, and your faith are simply impressive. Fight this, fight this and win! This horrible disease tried to take me earlier this year. I won! It was not easy. I won with my faith in God, my doctors & nurses, and the support and prayers from my family, friends and co-workers. Reggie Jones was instrumental in easing any concerns in the office and a big support to me.

Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay positive.

Matt Danielski

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Just bought two Christmas gifts. Praying for you, Aly.
April Rodgers