Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Round 2. Aly's Fight T-Shirt

Well round one of chemo is almost over and we are prepping for round 2. Aly had a rough spot yesterday but is feeling much better today. We will leave for Houston and round 2 on Thursday. Aly has an MRI on Thursday and then will receive chemo Friday morning.

There have been a ton of questions about the T-Shirt that has been on Facebook so Lee Taylor, Stephanie Noland, Krista Richardson and some other friends asked me to let you guys know that we are having a shirt designed that will be available to order next week. the shirt on Facebook was one that was online and was put on Facebook by a great CCS student who wanted to help, thank you so much Triston.

Well from that, this idea was born and there will be a completely custom T-Shirt design just for Aly's Fight.

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The Breaux's said...

I think the shirts are an excellent idea. We love you guys!

Cindy Cameron said...

Praying for all! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Mary D said...

Safe travels! Praying daily and claiming victory! Tshirts are a great idea! Love you both, Mary D

Anonymous said...

Loving and thinking about all of you daily. I know God's got this already!! I remember a song that's so encouraging that I just want to shout it out so you can hear......YOU DO WHAT'S POSSIBLE, YOU DO THE PRAISE, I'LL DO THE REST! I GOT THIS UNDER CONTROLL ALY AND JOSH. I PROMISE!!!
love you kids, Lillie and Steve Traxler

Linda and Toby Tubbs said...

Praying for complete healing!! Remember the Lord is all about working miracles!!

whitney fugler said...

aly i live in houston, for the last 4 years. If you need anything, i mean anything at all that i can do for you. question, anything let me know. i would love to help in some way, and i would love to buy a tshirt!!!