Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BRCA Genetic test NEGATIVE!!!!!

We just received a call letting us know that the genetics test (BRCA) which determines if Aly is at higher risk than normal to get cancer came back negative. This is a great piece of news that has made our day.

Had this test come back positive then it would have made the bi-lateral mastectomy a must and then also would mean that the ovaries would also have to be removed. Then thinking further down the line it means less worry for our children.

The prayers are without a doubt being heard because every doctor that looked at Aly's family history has all but guaranteed that she would come back positive for the genetic mutation.

By no means the only positive we have experienced but to date one of our biggest victories in the fight we will win against cancer.

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emilyjeanmcgarvey said...

Thank you, Lord!

Karen Mayhew said...

That is wonderful news! Many prayers were said for you at our congregation on Sunday.

Paula Aitken said...

Another piece of good news...Your on a roll now! I'm praying for safe and easy travel..good MRI results..and effective, non eventful chemo. Love ya'll..Oh and I definitely want a shirt! Paula Aitken

Ginny Evans said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!! So happy for you all!

Anonymous said...

God is so good! Be safe as your travel. Our prayers are with you!
Karen Sharp

Anonymous said...

Hi Aly,
This is Wanda Sherer. Remember Kendra's mom;your across the back fence, down the street neighbor?:) Kendra had told me about your diagnosis, and I talked to your Mom on Sunday afternoon. I actually left a comment on Sunday night, but when I went to post, I lost it in some way:) So, let me try again.
This last bit of news is good. I know from the rest of your family that you are a fighter. You, I am sure, are receiving all kinds of advice. It sounds like you have a very strong faith, and the best advice I can add is to hang on to that relationship with Christ. Let your family and friends love you through this difficult time. Two days before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I read
1 Peter 1:6-8. Not knowing that I would be going to that verse several times over the next few months for comfort, I grasped the point that just as we exercise our physical bodies, God exercises our spiritual bodies by putting us through trials and tribulations. He does it to make us stronger and depend on Him. This revelation helped me to understand and be thankful for my situation. A little short thought that I, also, repeated often was, "the big C in Christ can take care of the little c in cancer."
It has been 3 years now since all treatment has been complete, and I am enjoying my grandchildren! I know God will bless you to see your children and grandchildren, also!
God works in strange ways. I had lost your Mom's telephone number and just a couple of weeks ago my son in law updated my phone and two or three numbers that I thought were gone appeared, again. Your Mom's was one of those. I guess the good Lord knew I would need to call her:)
You are such a beautiful person, both physically and spiritually. I know you will beat this! We are praying for you in my Sunday School Class. Hang in there. Love, Ms. Wsnda

Anonymous said...

God is so good!! Rejoicing with you both.

Love in Christ,
Janet Werdowatz

Gayle said...

That's such great news!!! Praising God with you!! Love, Gayle Howard

Anonymous said...

All Glory be to our Amazing God!

Brenda Mcgee said...

Precious girl, even after treatment #14 you will still be prettier than all of the rest of us!! DON'T worry bout that!
We are with you sweet girl. Can you feel ALL the love around you? Praying for you all the time...