Monday, March 17, 2014

Can You Climb Out of a Dark Hole?

How do you climb out of a dark hole?
Catching Aly Sleeping. 

I will not ask if you have been in a dark place. You have. How did you get out?

Someone needs to hear about the experience. Why?

So the next time it starts getting dark they will know what color rope to throw down to you.

I can't put my finger on when it happened but I know a general time. It was a positive thing that occupied my brain.

I was preparing for a big event in my job, and much of my time and attention went there instead of focusing on what gives me life. 

I forgot somewhere before the event to give God part of my day. I forgot that the only way I am in a place to do God's work is because of God's time.

You see, sin would be easier to avoid. This was kingdom work so I wrapped myself in it and pushed ahead. What an event.

Friday, March 14, 2014

What my Ph.D. Means To Me

Kinda Crazy

I have gotten so many congratulations in the past week and it really means the world to me. Graduate education can be kind of a silent battle, as most people my age are full-time working and people can forget I am still in school. I often get the "You're still in school?" looks and comments. Which I totally understand! 9 years in college---wow! What kind of crazy people do that? Yep, that is apparently me.

Here is a pic from my undergraduate graduation in 2009.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"No, I can't be the school nurse now!"

Not that kind of doctor

"Now that you're a doctor, will you be the school nurse now?" ha. Yes, one of my students asked me this yesterday at school. We had a little discussion on M.D. doctor vs. Ph.D. doctor---not sure if she understood at all, but I tried my best! I passed my dissertation defense, and that is what I've been up to lately, hence the lacking of blog posts.

Some middle school students decorated my office door celebrating my "doctor" status!

Yes. I passed my dissertation defense! Wow, what relief. Some times in life, I have had a goal and once I reach it, I don't really feel what I was expecting. I tend to have high expectations, and over the years I've learned to lower them somewhat, as I know they are relationship killers. But these expectations were MORE than reached!