Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanks and Giving

Are You Thankful? Then give!

What are the holidays made of? As I have pondered this question, I have come up with two words- Thanks and giving. We are to be thankful and we are to be giving. It is actually out of my thankfulness that I am drawn to give. I think the two go hand in hand. If I am truly thankful, my heart will want to give.

Here we are on Thanksgiving Day. Our first "Black Thursday/Friday" shopping experience.

I Hate to Give! (Not Really...)

Are you a giver? Well, I have a confession. I am not one. Not at all, actually. I truly believe the classic question to see if you are a giver or not is to ask yourself what you would do if you won the lottery. My first thought is always to tithe, go on an amazing vacation, to set up college funds for our kids, and to save enough money to have a wonderful retirement. What is left over, we could give to a charity and/or to our families. The giving comes after taking care of myself. My husband is the true definition of a giver. He always says, if I win the lottery, I want to give however many million dollars to our church or to CCS, to a charity, etc... Let's just say that isn't my first thought...ha ha:) I LOVE his heart.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas- exchanging gifts with my man...

I've gotten better at my gift choices over the years...from watches to NBA tickets

And Josh has gotten better at figuring out my love language...from clothes to more meaningful gifts

He wrapped this in several boxes and it was just adjectives that described me...

Tears always equal a gift well done:)

I want to be more like my husband- a true definition of a giver. But how do I do that? I mean, that's not who I am!!!  What. Ever.!!!! As I have struggled with giving over the years, I have found one sure way to make me more of a giver. You ready to know how? Wait for it.. Wait for it...GIVE! Yep, that is the answer to get over your "anti-giving" mentality. Simply give. Make yourself give something completely ridiculous. Something completely out of budget. Out of the plan. Let's just say, this is hard for a tight-wad, penny pincher like myself.

What Will Your Ridiculous Gift Be?

If it was not for people who gave to us over the last 2 years, or even the ones who continue to give, we literally would not have made it these last few years. We would have had to sell our house or move in with our parents...people's "ridiculous" gifts kept us afloat- kept us alive!

What "ridiculous, out of the budget" gift will you give this holiday season? Don't get me wrong, still be wise, but what could you give that would push you out of your comfort zone? I can guarantee you that God will give you back more than you can imagine and thanks will fill your heart. It isn't until we give in a big way that we realize not only the gifts we have been given, but thankfulness will fill our heart. Be thankful this Christmas. Be Giving. I'd love to hear you share what your ridiculous gift this season will be. I'm still deciding on mine. Now that I've made it public, the accountability will make me stick to it, and not my conservative budget:) Thanks a lot, blog world. Peer pressure works every time.

Here is a pic of me a Santa taken over thanksgiving. Let's be more like Santa this Christmas- more giving! And joyful in it!

Prayers and Update

Just a little side note on me! I am doing well and even had my last little reconstructive procedure in Houston a few weeks ago! It is crazy to think that I won't go back to Houston until February, and that is my 6 month oncology check-up appointment! Praise God! 

My headaches have continued and I have been seeing an ENT, as my sinuses could possibly be playing a part in my headaches. I will be having a CT scan of my head on Monday, December 16th. Please join me in prayer that everything will look completely perfect. I also am having a bite guard made right now to see if my teeth clinching is causing my head pain. It has been a struggle to live in pain, but God is truly teaching me to trust him through pain. I am so ready for a break...a break from pain and a chance to take a deep breath. The amazing thing is that God has given me much peace through all of this. I know that by everything else I have been through, I can always look back and see a purpose and plan. I am trusting that even for these crazy headaches. I know I will look back and it will all make sense. Oh that is easier said in hindsight!!:)

Thank you all for your prayers. I will meet with my ENT on the 18th to get the results from my scan. Hopefully I will know before then. Praying for you all. May we all be givers this Christmas. Once I come up with my ridiculous gift, I will share. Can't wait to hear what yours will be.


Giving ridiculously this Christmas,


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