Sunday, November 3, 2013

What does that mean for you? LIFE APPLICATION

This week Aly and I are at the Platform Conference in Dallas, Texas.

For those of you that do not know, I felt I was supposed to begin laying down all my entrepreneurial ventures, and that I was supposed to be with Aly during this unexpected and tough time in our lives. Over the last two years, I have not done this perfectly, but have for the most part laid those things down. I will blog about that more at some point, but God has truly changed my heart in so many ways.

As God has continued to reveal his plan for our lives, it has become clear to me that I am in need of and only interested in relationships that are deep and legitimate. Men have become accustomed to relationships that are superficial and shallow to say the least. This has setup boys to become men that do not understand being vulnerable to one another which translates into not knowing how to be vulnerable before and to God.

I will be posting about this in the near future as I try to give you guys a picture of what God has been doing in me through this process over the last 2 years.

Tonight though before the actual conference began, I was talking to Jeff Goins who happens to be an incredible writer, about what he said at the Launch Conference in September and what it meant to me. The main thing I took away from his talk was the fact that I needed to just say what I was and to stop saying I do this and that and then I toy with this and that. What is happening when I choose to describe myself in those ways is not believing in what God has called me to do. I was not speaking out loud what I felt God was calling me to be because I was not willing to fail.

I was partially obeying God's call while still holding on to some of my worldly comforts. I had to just say, "I am Josh Taylor , and I am Director of Development at Claiborne Christian School and Family Church."

I am not Josh Taylor that toys with real estate, fundraising, deer stands, and kind-of working at church.

I needed to claim it. I am Josh Taylor; I am called to further the Kingdom of God at Claiborne Christian School and Family Church, and God is proud I have accepted the place He has for me. No promise of financial prosperity, no promise of notoriety, no promise of anything.

Getting back to my point... tonight after I told Jeff Goins what his talk at Launch Conference meant to me he looks at me and says, "What's that mean for you, Josh?" In that moment I had to tell a guy I didn't know from Adam that what it meant to me was that I needed to trust God and His call on my life and leave the rest behind.

I am committing to making God's promises a reality for Aly and I. I need help. I need men in my life that are willing to make me uncomfortable. I want to fulfill God's call and that will not happen operating as an island. I wasn't meant to go at this alone. To my man friends, prepare to be uncomfortable because I have a new question to ask you after you say something was good at church or in a book.

It's life application TIME!



Terry Taylor said...

Go for it Josh!

Terry Taylor said...

Go for it Josh!

Birdee said...

That's the Josh I know :)

Anonymous said...

Got chills reading this. My husband and I will pray for you. We've been praying for you both about Aly's fight against cancer, and it has helped to read your story as we walked through my own breast cancer diagnosis (in Dec. 2011). My husband is a Worship Pastor, and we know what it means to surrender to that call. So excited to see what God will do in your lives! -Denise