Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Found in the middle of God's will. What to do.

Ever found yourself in the dead center of what you believe to be God's will? Having prayed, fasted, believed, waited, prayed, fasted, believed, waited?

I can honestly say I have very few times found myself in that position. God's will seems hard to grasp, too slow to wait on and not near as dreamy as I think his will should be.

I mean come on. This is God's will and God's will is earth creating, light producing, mountain making kind of stuff so surely his will for my life will include such immense things. Too bad most of the time it doesn't.

Too bad that most of the time God's will is quiet, slow, unremarkable in the eyes of the world. On the flip side when you follow God's will when it isn't fun he comes through in some remarkable ways. I want to learn to love his will when it isn't fun so that when I experience the fun times of his will in my life it resonates at the level it should.

Yesterday we had what will be Aly's last procedure. Yes. Re-read that sentence. Here, I'll help.

Yesterday, we had what WILL be Aly's last procedure. Two years, one month and two days from diagnosis we had Aly's last procedure. I didn't know this day existed back then but today as Aly naps on the couch I am in awe of life. Not the life I've made for us.

The life that God gave us. See Josh's version of life wasn't like this. Josh's version was flashy, special and the eyes of the world.

The life God has given us is quiet, powerful and will change other peoples lives. That's the God kind of life. I am starting to kind of dig the life with less significance to the bank but utterly ridiculous significance in the Kingdom.

And let me be clear, we aren't living in a hut, riding bikes and begging. We are at a point of reaping that  breaks my heart as I type this. This level can only be done by God. I could not have created this.

Tomorrow morning I share with a group of guys about a dream, a dream I know changed my life and I think can change theirs. I'll let you know about it later, it's a secret for now.

I've got to let the dog out, this home office has it's down sides...


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patti said...

I'm so proud for you and Aly!

patti said...

I'm so proud for you and Aly!