Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update from surgery- a week later

Wow, I can't believe it has been a week since my surgery. Outside of my nausea, the worst part was when they were trying to get my IV in. I know Josh somewhat explained the process, but it was just terrible. No better way to put it. I'm thankful they finally got one was miserable. 8 tries, 3 doctors trying, in the same arm- the tears were being held back for sure! But of course didn't remember anything else from surgery. I do remember being put asleep with the gas because it took so long for the IV and I remember Dr. Villa and Alisha talking to me laying on the operating table, and that was crazy but neat to have remembered it.

It hasn't been a very fun week, but I am hopeful and trusting the worst is behind me. The pain wasn't too bad, but I was more nauseous than last time. My nurses were great once again and it is almost hard for me to remember what all went on those 3 nights in the hospital. It was wonderful to have Josh and my mom there with me...they are the best. It can get lonely in that hospital room, and I was thankful to have them there.

I also had a visitor this week, my good friend Irena, that I met when we were both going through chemo. It was great to talk with her, although she had to be my nurse when she was there. Josh and my mom had left to give me time to visit with Irena and after visiting with her for a while, I started to feel nauseous, and there she was catching my vomit in the bucket, and getting my nurse to put some zofran in my I.V. She was so gracious to help me and acted like it was no problem at all. Irena was violently ill during her chemo, so she said it was nothing to her; however, I know it is completely different taking care of someone else! But it was great to see her.

I also had some visitors during my last surgery, Courtney Berry and her daddy, and Jim and Pam Gray. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces. I am so grateful for those who have sent me cards, emails, texts, flowers, and gifts. And of course the Stanfills again for opening up their home time and time again. Even though we are often 6 hours away, we feel the prayers and love of all of our friends and loved ones.

Alisha and Dr. Villa checked on me each day and they felt like everything was looking well. Please continue to pray that I heal like I need to. They told me that on this side, it will look differently because it has been radiated, and it does look different. I am hoping and praying it is looking like what it is supposed to and that there are no problems or issues.

We are in Houston tonight (Wednesday) and will have my check up appointment tomorrow. By my calculations, I could possibly get all of my drains out tomorrow. That would be amazing!!! I will update you all on everything of course.

The enemy has been trying to attack my mind so much lately, and I ask all of you to continue to pray for me. I must continue to saturate myself in the Lord and His word, because, goodness, Satan will take every, literally every opportunity to whisper horrible things in my mind. I just rebuke him, tell him to take his hands off of me. I'll just say it out loud wherever I my car, in my house, in the shower. Satan, you have not destroyed me, you have not killed me, and you won't destroy me or kill me! God has given me abundant life, and that is what I will have. I know the Lord will fight for me, but I know I have to do my part in seeking and trusting Him. I am secure in Him and knowing He is protecting me.

John 10:10 " The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full."

Psalm 119:105 " Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely."

I will update more details later, but wanted to say "hi" because I feel like I have been dead to the world for the past week. Love you all and I am praying for everyone that might be affected by this storm. Oh, and we are so excited that we are going to have a sweet niece in January. Josh's brother, Lee, and his wife, Rachel are having a baby girl, Sullivan Reese!!! We love her with all of our hearts already and are so thankful to God for this precious life. Blessings in the midst of struggles...

Now here is one sad pic of me after my surgery. Nauseous with rags and gloves filled with ice water. So attractive...


Terry Taylor said...

Aly Taylor, you are one incredible lady. Josh Taylor, you are one incredible man!I love and respect you more than I could ever comunicate!!

Aly Taylor said...

We feel the same about you and love you tons!!!

Aly Taylor said...

We feel the same about you and love you tons!!!