Friday, August 24, 2012

Ouch- Change of plans

Well apparentlyafter Dr. Villa left our room he had some second thoughts about allowing Aly to leave today. He came back about an hour ago and said that he thought it was better to stay the night and let them watch her and if all is well we can leave in the morning.

Nothing that we know of triggered the change. As I tried to describe last time the part of this that they have to watch so carefully is the blood supply that they bring around with the skin, muscle.

Oh well, we will be home tomorrow. We are looking forward to it.

Aly now has taken a shower which the nurse didn't do this time. Quick Josh thought, I cannot imagine letting people do some of the stuff that you have to let nurses do, you hear commercials about sedated dentistry ( Dr Kevin Finley is our choice) well I would need sedated bathing, changing and many other things.

Which also makes me say, the job nurses do is unreal. The nurses on our floor deal with No one except post-op surgery patients which by default are pretty helpless. Take the most basic things about life and allow a total stranger to do them to you and for you.

If I had to be at a hospital for days at a time this would be my choice, hands down. Now I haven't been too many other places but this is as tollerable as it gets. We have nurses everywhere and we both have 'beds', I would have to say our tough is quite relative.

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