Monday, August 27, 2012

Home is good.

Well we have been home a day now and it is much better than being at the hospital. We got in last night around 7pm. Aly had been nauseous all day Saturday but it had not materialized into anything but when we got home all the moving around apparently caught up with Aly.

Aly has not been sleeping too well and so she has been sleeping on the couch, by choice. We were able to get a dose of phenergan from our local drug dealer. 

After going to church this morning we came home and slept all day. We started watching a marathon of Law and Order but as you can see by the picture below, the WE went to an I. 

At some point you all will see pictures but I have so many pictures of Aly sleeping either in the car or in a chair that it is going to make one heck of a video. Needless to say she absolutely loves to look through my phone and see new pictures I take of her while she sleeps.

Inevitably what happens is Aly goes to sleep then Bella sits by the couch until Aly moves. Every time Aly budges Bella gets up, stretches, walks around the coffee table then gets back in her spot.

After I took this picture Bella started snoring while sitting and awake, yes quite a talented dog. All of a sudden I hear, "Bella" in a deep raspy voice (Aly under the blanket). Bella proceeds to lay down and stop snoring.

We will be in town until Wednesday and then head back out to Houston for a post op checkup. 

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