Saturday, June 21, 2014


Page Girls Take NYC

It's been a busy few weeks and I am making myself sit down today and write! We had such a wonderful time in New York. With my sister living in Shreveport, my mom living in Monroe, and me of course in West Monroe, we all three are rarely all together-- just the 3 of us. So, needless to say, when the original 3 get together, we always have fun and LOTS of laughs!

So cool being at the Kelly and Michael Morning Show
We were in NY on the night of the Tony's...had fun walking the "red carpet" and watching the stars!

We were literally completely drenched on the morning of the Michael and Kelly show...
stood out in the rain for 2 hours. Nope, we didn't have umbrellas. 
We finally got some, after we were soaked:) 


What I love about us is that that even when we haven't 
seen, talked, or been around each other a ton, we pick up 
where we left off. I LOVE friends that you feel like you can just be
 you with.You know, those ones who you can sit in a car with for an hour,
 not say a word, and no one questions if something is wrong? 
I love that. I value that in friendships and relationships.

                                                                                Raisin in the Sun show with 
                                                                          Denzel Washington

We met up with my sweet cousin,
Shane when we were there- he's the best!
 In all honesty, comfortability comes before any deep friendship.
 Sometimes in my therapy sessions, I focus more on comfortability that 
anything else, 
because I know I won't really be able to help anyone until they feel comfortable with me. 

Thankful I have so many friends and family members I feel comfortable with. Do people feel comfortable around you?

Here are some things I have learned through school and through life that bring comfortability:

1.) Talk less, listen more
   --evaluate who is talking more
2.) Ask meaningful questions
   --be others' focused
3.) Share your shortcomings
  -- being vulnerable and genuine makes people know they are not alone
4.) Be upfront
  -- tell someone straight up that you want them to feel comfortable with you

Didn't know you'd get a lesson today, did you?

Next week, I will be in Houston for some check ups, but I plan to blog each day next week. A little blog extravaganza:) So I will keep you updated.

Thankful for my family and those in my life that make me feel comfortable,


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