Monday, April 7, 2014

Revelation and a broken nose. You interested yet?

To follow up to my last post about learning what I have to do to be healthy. If you didn't read it then I would advise you to do so before proceeding. Click HERE to read.

Yep. Read
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Then scroll down to see
how this happened.
1. Must spend time with God. 
2. Must be ok with Aly.
3. Must intake new information or look at opportunities in my job.
      ***This is like a drug for me.
4. Everything below here is just icing. I have learned that when I leave off one of these first 3 that I am headed for trouble.

What have I committed to do to not let myself get in a bad spot again?

Journaling  my prayers. I use the ACTS method and then learned a new method of separating the page into 2 sides. On one side I write my questions or thoughts to God. On the other side I write what I hear him say to me either in the form of words (which rarely happens) or wisdom he gives me.

I am committed to loving Aly. Her way. I will stay in her space. Ask about her day. Listen to her details. I loved her because she was so unlike me so making sure I see all those awesome things about her is what fuels my love for her today.

Intake. I must read or listen to something new everyday. Books about self help, business, real estate. Books that make my brain work. 
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I'm laying on the ground and all I hear is what's hurting?

My immediate response, my freaking face. At that moment I got up and started walking off the court.

I immediately started checking were my teeth still in place, yes. Can I see, yes. 

Sulli, my niece not so excited to see me.
Let me go back. In 2008 I started coaching at Claiborne Christian School. To say I have a passion for the school and the kids would be a massive understatement.

For 3 years I had more fun than you can imagine coaching basketball. I loved the kids and learned how to have thicker skin from the parents. Mind you, this was with massive success. We won. A lot. 

In the spring of 2011 I resigned from coaching. Since then I have with permission from our basketball coach put a team in the West Monroe recreation center's men's league. 

For the boys that do not play baseball this gives us a chance to play about 12 games with really no plan. We try and run up and down the court as fast as we can in hopes of wearing the other team out. 

My lifetime friend Kyle Walker and I have been the older guys on the team so we have had a ball getting to play together again while also helping the boys. So fast forward to this year and we have our first rec league game.

 It is the start of the second half and the other team scores and William Fulton throws the ball in to me and I take off running. I reach half court and a guy crosses in front of me and I put the ball behind my back and turn left quickly.

See, I knew that was coming but the guy to my left didn't know that and so in full speed my face, chin to forehead met his broad shoulder. In Dr. terms what resulted was a crushed nose. On the CT scan the bone to my left nostril was turned 90 degrees in. 

In essence shutting that side down.

So now we're back. As I walked off the floor I knew something was worse about this collision. Everything hurt and I didn't remember all of it. It did not take long to realize this was bad.

After the game we are in the car once we dropped a kid off at his house and Aly asks, "are you ok?". I said nope. This is worse than anything before. 

We went to the E.N.T. the next day and she confirmed quickly that it was crushed. 

So I had surgery Thursday morning. I am not a strong patient. I get scared and at my core can be a hypochondriac if I'm not careful. 

Sidenote: when I had my wisdom teeth cut out in 9th grade I really hurt my mom. When I came out of surgery I was mean and ugly to my mom. Why? Because I had a lot of ugly inside of me so the anesthesia wiped away what would usually hold that back.

Emergency Room 
So Thursday morning I told my nurse to not let Aly back to see me until I was truly awake because I didn't want to repeat the offense. Much to my dismay  the Dr. told me that when they took me back to surgery I sat up and told them that I was "invoking" the Holy Spirit on this surgery.

This is funny, even as I type it. However let me say that the boy that had surgery as a 15 year old had a lot of ugly in his heart. I have prayed and asked God to break me of me for the last 2 years, and not to Jesus juke too hard but I am so happy to hear that when my inhibitions are gone now that my insides are speaking about "invoking" the Holy Spirit.

What I said to my mom that day had NOTHING to do with the holy spirit. I promise. It was bad. She still loved me, thank goodness.

At Dr. getting packing removed.
Surgery went well. Did good Thursday but then Friday afternoon I took a Claritin D the Dr. told me to clear up my breathing. From about 9pm to 1:45am Saturday morning I walked around our house trying to convince myself I was ok. I couldn't breathe. 

We went to ER. Diagnosis- chest pain caused by Claritin D, anxiety attack caused by thinking I was having a heart attack. 

CURE- Some shot of something that only God could have created. Within minutes I couldn't feel anything. Before the shot I couldn't sit down or I would hyperventilate. After two minutes I sat on the bed and fell asleep. 

We ended up getting home Saturday morning at 5am. I slept all day Friday. My mom came over to help out since Aly had to go to a shower. I didn't even wake up. I don't think I was mean to her, I was just comatose.

I ended up getting the packing that was put in my nose taken out today. Feels much better. 

We may have the best friends in the world. We had food brought, yard mowed and one of my buddies asked at just the right time if I needed anything and it just so happened that I was eating my last piece of my boxed chocolate pie. Well within a couple hours he made me a pie and it was delivered. 


The Heart Mom said...

Oh Josh, I'm so sorry. Praying for healing. I can't imagine how painful and miserable this injury and surgery must be. Although you described it very well! So happy to hear the Holy Spirit is uttering your inner most thoughts too. Blessings, Joneal

brianjdixon said...

Wow, Josh. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing your story.

Byron Brewer said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. That is like one devastation on top of another, yet with an escape and a turning point, and you're on your way there, so hang on. At least, they've patched off an repaired what needed be on your nose in time. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! Take care always!

Byron Brewer @ Knight and Sanders