Thursday, April 26, 2012

Genetic Test Results- Judge Norris- I'm not a Doctor

Well we got home last night about 11:45 and Aly was able to get in bed and sleep a good bit. Good rest is easily disrupted by 5:00am alarm clocks but the good thing about that was it meant a hydrocodone was on it's way so the pain was about to get better.

We got a great piece of news today, Aly's BART test came back negative. This is another genetic test they wanted to run. We will now have another Genetic test run which is called the P53.

Aly still had a good bit of pain today but she was able to move around a little more than yesterday. I assume that was a combination of feeling a bit better and being at home. When I did go to sleep last night I was absolutely terrified that I was going to have some crazy dream and reach over and accidentally hurt Aly's drains or chest.

If anyone comes into our house and enters our bathroom they will think we are trying to avoid the hospitals and have setup our own little care center. There have been some funny moments.

The cycle for us is:

1) Strip the drains, yes it is literally what it says. It is a small tube that drains the fluid from inside Aly's surgery sight. It collects in small plastic cylinders and we then empty them and measure the amount of each. My understanding is when each drain collects less than 30ml two days in a row Aly will be able to have it removed. So there is a goal. (2 times per day) There are 5 total drains.

2) Undress and clean actual surgery sight which is done with saline wash and then applying a healing cream, no this isn't the Bible in a bottle, this is a man made "healing" cream. (this is also done twice a day)

3) Pain, nausea and antibiotic pills every 4-6 hours.

Mrs. Robin Hutson brought us lunch today, chicken and rice. I was able to eat this. She also brought coconut bread, cake, both  of which were made with more healthy items than my body can tolerate at this time so Aly ate some but I had to abstain for health reasons.

Here is my funny moment of the day, or at least the funniest moment of the day.

This morning I had to go to WM city court to complete an eviction of a tenant. The court room was packed, and I am not kidding, packed. Mr. Ron Barfield who for any kid in WM that played sports knows very well runs the court room. When I came in he found me a seat, a nice cushioned one and we waited for the judge. He came in and got started and my case was the 4th one up. He called our name and I went to the stand and take a wild guess at what his first question was????

How's your wife? Yes, Judge Norris asked me how my wife was, in front of a full court room, I had prepared to defend an eviction but for him to know about Aly also, come on people. For 21 years I was Lee's brother, now I'm Mr. Aly. Great. Obviously this actually meant a lot as I look to the right of the judge and the clerks are all red eyed, they knew, I don't know how but as Aly's husband I get a front row seat to watch Aly affect people she doesn't know. By the way, Jerry Howell is a city Marshall also- I'm assuming he may be responsible for this leak, he is also a neighbor to us.

Last story, tonight after church I was headed to honor Aly by getting Orange Leaf, (she will find out about Orange Leaf when she reads this in the morning) which she loves but can't have, while on my way to Wal-Mart. I got a call from Mr. Larry Cooper, if you know Larry Cooper you know to say he is a wealth of information is a vast understatement. From the moment we found out about Aly I have talked with Mr. Larry almost every other day and sometimes more. Tonight was a funny one. He was asking me how Aly was doing, and yes it is more an asking of "are you taking care of her or do I need to come over there" kind of, how is Aly doing. He then says, straight up with out change of tone, "I think they let people out of the hospital too early, if something happens you better call and get help because you may have talents but medicine is not one of them". To that I reply, Yes Sir.

Ok, another one. Aly had her surgery Monday so her last shower was Monday morning at 4:15am. No matter how much love you have, people need showers each day and sometimes twice a day. Tonight Aly was able to get in the bath and her nurse helped bathe what could be bathed and not affect the drains and or surgery sight. That poor nurse, such a sacrifice.


Rob and Sharon said...

Josh Taylor! You have me crying....I'm laughing so hard. You have surely missed your calling. You should have been a stand-up comedian. Praise God for the BART test results! He is faithful. Sounds like to me that our Aly is in good hands. Love you!

Ginny Evans said...

Awesome report Josh!!! Aly is so blessed to have you and I am sure she agrees!! Thank you for keeping us informed. We continue to pray and give thanks to God for all He has done and will continue to do in and through you and Aly.

Love you both! Ms. Ginny