Monday, April 23, 2012

7 hours removed from surgery.

It has now been 7 hours since the surgery was completed. When Aly initially came in the post op room they brought her off the medicine. Don't think I would call what Aly had a reaction but as she was laying there her temperature went crazy. She was very very hot and therefor uncomfortable.

After about an hour of cold rags and ice she cooled down enough to sleep some. When you come out of surgery they want to make sure you are not nauseous and that the pain is not too severe. Each time Aly got close to being released to her own room she would feel nauseous which delayed her being moved. Needless to say once she realized that being nauseous was affecting her movement to colder more comfortable quarters you can rest assured that the next time they asked how she felt she said great. So around 6 we were able to get Aly to her own room which is great.

It is 60 degrees in here and Aly is asking for iced down rags. I got a weird feeling my pleather bed is going to be a cold place tonight.

They are trying to get some pain medicine in right now. They cant seem to take the edge off. If Aly is saying she is in pain, which she describes as ranging from 4-7 on a 1-10 scale then I would describe that as a Mack truck sitting on me.

Struggling right now with nausea and pain, please pray that this goes away so Aly can eat and drink and of course get some good rest tonight.


Anonymous said...

Y'all make me smile, laugh and cry....all in 1 post! Thank you for the update, Josh! Me and Fritz are continuing to pray and standing firm in faith with so many others for sweet Aly's total healing and restoration and for a quick recovery from this surgery. We love you both.

Sarah Niswanger

Michael and Christi Fox said...

Praying now for her comfort and rest to come quickly...Love you both

Anonymous said...

We love you both and know this is hard but Aly is a fighter and God is on her side. Josh you lay hands on her while she is resting and if she can't rest you still lay hands on her and pray for her out loud. When Jerry does this for me it renews my strength and helps my soul get stronger. It will help Aly also , God told me so. We are praying for you both and ALL will be well in Jesus name . Mel and Jerry

Anonymous said...

Loving you both, and praying for rest, comfort and total healing!
The Curtises

The Breaux's said...

Thank you for the update, Josh. I pray you both rest comfortably. Also for strength and the release of that pain! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

You two are an inspiration, bot so strong with so much faith. Praying for a quick recovery for Aly.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys and that Aly is able to be free of pain and able to rest.

God is on your side!

Anonymous said...

Praying God will RAIN down peace and comfort upon Aly and that HE will SPEAK a complete and whole healing over her. You guys are a blessing to me!!!!!!

friend of Angela Norman

Anonymous said...

I don`t know ya`ll at all, but I have been praying for you both very much... I am a friend of Brooke Skipworth`s and that`s how I came across this blog. I think you are a beautiful person both inside and out, haor, or no hair, your spirit radiates through you like I have never seen before. Your husband is both inspirational and corageous and I hope every man learns a lesson from him and how to treat a woman and what true love really means. You both have shown the world what that looks like as well as how much someone`s Faith in God can conquer all fears and struggles. I love you both even though I have never met either one of you, I feel like I know you...I am praying that God does a quick and speedy recovery and that Aly you may rest and have peace through this journey, God bless you both! Genelle Rose