Monday, April 23, 2012

Bi-lateral Mastectomy- temporary Expanders

Aly is still back in surgery but will hopefully be out soon.

We got here this morning at 5:15 and were taken back like a herd to the pre-surgery room. This was the size of a small gym with about 25 different curtain divided "rooms" that they prep you for surgery in and then also wake you up after surgery. They took blood first thing, they then tried to start an iv, unsuccessfully 6 times. At that point the lady just said she would use the port to get medicine started and once they were in surgery they would get iv, since they were taking the port out.

The PA for Dr Babiera came in and administered more "dye" to help them locate the sentinel node on Aly's right side.

I was kicked out at this point and they took Aly back to surgery.

Dr. Babiera came out about 11:00 and said the surgery went well. Dr Babiera said that she tolerated the surgery really well and that Dr Villa was now doing his part. We will have information on the pathology next week. She felt positive about the right side and only took two lymph nodes. Dr. Babiera did not know how many lymph nodes were taken from right side but we should know that next week and also pathology for actual tissue that was removed.

All of the text and Facebook messages have been unreal. You will never know what life is given through a one sentence text. We love you guys and though you may not get a response that gives an accurate picture please know that it means the world to us. Aly will wake up with a phone that is full of texts and Facebook messages.

I will update at some point tonight to let you know how she is feeling.

Thank you again.


"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Praising the Lord for the wonderful report! Praying and believing with you for more good reports to come!

Anonymous said...

I have not met you but learned about you through your aunt Sherry who I am in the choir with at Mt. Paran. I read your blog last night and chose to fast and pray with/for you today during your surgery. I am looking forward to hearing great reports concerning your overall health. God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

We're all thinking about you in class!!! We keep checking the site and facebook for updates.

Praying hard and sending love your way!
-Your class

rhelda nolan said...

God is great and he will bless your faith and strength with complete healing and no evidence of disease. Your blog is such a blessing to me to read. 2 years ago I also rung a bell at MD Anderson after completing chemo and radiation for anal cancer. The sound of that bell is a choir of angels singing. You are a precious beautiful person. God will take care of you. a million hugs to you

Dezzra Mason said...

Very happy your surgery went well! I will continue to pray that God blesses you and your family with peace, strength & direction! Hugs!

The Heart Mom said...

Spent the day fasting and praying for Aly, Josh, and was truly blessed to have these moments with God sitting with Him and talking about your wife. She is an amazing lady and God is using her in mighty ways for the growth of the Kingdom. You are a soldier for her and for Christ and your passionate plea for God's intervention leads an army of believers to the throne room.
Love you guys and am continuing to be prayerful for Aly's complete, total - nothing less-- recovery!
Joneal Kirby

Anonymous said...

Aly and Josh -
Prayed for you "extra" today and was pleased to read the update and know that the surgery went well. We will continue to pray for good results next week. Our prayers are with all family members too for their ongoing strength in support of you both.
Our Love,
Karen and Bob