Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Special day- Memories of an unreal day in 2002

This is not a post about Aly's fight. This post is about an accident that happened while Aly and I were in high school. When you find yourself in our current situation you feel incredible guilt over times where you did not reach out enough to someone in pain. This post is an apology, memory and done in an effort to honor 3 amazing friends to Aly and I.

On March 8th 2002 I was in 11th grade and Aly was in 9th at OCS. We had just been let out of school and spring break week was here. That Friday Aly's best friend Ainsley and two of my close friends were involved in an accident where one of the most incredible people I have ever come across passed away. At 17 years old Jeremy Barnhill was an incredible friend that was one of the few people I have ever met that truly grabbed the attention of anyone and everyone he came in touch with.

There is not one time I hear the month of March, the number 8, North Monroe hospital, Jared Evans and many many other words and names that I am not immediately back to the moment I received the call about the accident. I vividly remember being in north Monroe hospital parking lot, then watching Jared being rolled out to be moved to St Francis. That night for a 17 year old was not understandable. I think back now and realize that I for one and I assume most of my friends didn't understand the gravity of what happened that day.

Instantly there was a family given unfathomable news, another family given very scary info and then another family certainly glad their daughter was safe.

To Mr Terry and Mrs Kathi Barnhill, I cannot imagine what this date means to you but I can tell that I think about you guys all the time and have by no means done my part to show you what your son meant to me. This may be the biggest stage I have to tell you how incredible your son was but let me say again he was truly special and I know the one year I was close to him I am left with nothing but memorable moments.

Jared may never know but he played a huge part in my early time at OCS. Jared was truly kind to me. After the accident, his miracle FULL recovery we were never really around each other but as a 17-18 year old I was able to watch him fight what had to be an incredibly hard battle back into school and life. I admire what you did Jared Evans and thank you for making life at OCS a little easier for Kyle and I as we came over. Don't think I don't remember. God's plan for you must be big, I think about and pray that you continue to feel God in your daily life.

Last but certainly not least Ms Ainsley Beeman. That day God saved Ainsley from something that by all accounts could have gone either way, she was relatively unscathed. When Aly was diagnosed Ainsley was at the house that night. God had many plans for Ainsley but for me to be able to watch the life she has brought to my wife during this process has been unreal. Ainsley has not been kind, she has truly been life to Aly.

So needless to say this post isn't about Aly's current fight but March 8th was a huge day in our lives even though at the time we were not dating. We may never have this many eyes reading what we have to say so I wanted to take this opportunity to remember publicly Jeremy Barnhill and also the work of God in Jared and Ainsley. There will never be a March 8th that we forget.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Josh and Aly. Your company during that critical time was monumental to my family. I missed so much while my brain injury was pretty bad, but man, God was at work. And he used both of you in the heart of it! And I haven't forgotten that. Jeremy I love and miss. Ainsley is doing great and on to bigger and better things. And I'm still grateful to have Godly friends like you. Thanks, Josh and Aly. I pray for you everyday, Aly! Thank you for the Godly example you continue to set. And thanks for remembering today. Love, Jared

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is so beautiful. We do not tell our friends how much they truly mean to us. Going to tell mine today. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

I am continually completely blown away by how God is working in this stage of both of your lives. I would not wish this situation on anyone - not even my worst enemy - but to see how the two of you have handled much you both have GROWN in your walk with the Lord....and how the way that you two are walking through this is helping the rest of us to GROW in our walk with an absolute blessing that I wouldn't have wanted to miss for anything! I have absolute, complete, no-doubt-about-it, unshakeable FAITH that God is going to completely heal Aly of this and that the two of you will go on to be wonderful Godly parents to the "little angels" that God is going to give you! Thank you that you have allowed all of us to be witnesses to something that most of us would have kept very private.

Anonymous said...

Josh and Aly,

The Lord used you in my life in such a mighty way 10 years ago and He is still using you today. I woke up this morning thinking that if there are two people I need to thank in all of this its probably you two. Thank you for always being there for both Jared and I. Literally. I never sat in a waiting room alone and always had someone smiling back at me, encouraging me to have faith that most considered foolish.

There are very few days where something doesn’t remind me of Jeremy and his unwavering joy…I hope that when I get to Heaven I can look back and know that my joy expressed the love of Christ to others as his did. Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing Jared on stage at church as he took part in leading worship. In that moment I immediately thought of my precious Aly and the Lord reminded me that He is still the same healing, restoring, and joy giving God that He was 10 years ago! I just couldn’t help but smile and think “God you are just SO good… You are just SO good!”

Thanks for taking a moment to remember all of us today Josh, it means more than you will ever know. Like I always tell you both… “You get it”, and I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such wonderful Christian friends. Know that you are both in my prayers constantly, and I so look forward to celebrating Aly’s complete healing together! Love you, Ains : )

Anonymous said...

I don't know your friends involved in this but I know they are blessed to have you and Aly on their team and I imagine you and Aly are equally blessed to have them. Thank you Josh for this reminder that we can never love people enough, family, friends. Life here is but a fleeting moment and we all need to "get it" like you and Aly have and reach out to those we love and let them know. Time passes so quickly!! Expressing this in the way you did makes so much sense and the people you touched will never forget this. I admire you and Aly so much and know that God has great plans for your future as a family!!

Sharon Evans said...

Aly, I knew 10 years ago that Josh was very special. He spent his entire spring break at the hospital with us while Jared was in ICU. He was so faithful to be there and so eager to do whatever he could think of for us. Since you were diagnosed I've been remembering how even as a 17-year-old, he was already ministering to others. I have no doubt that your sweet husband is making sure you have all you want and need and that he never leaves your side. God bless you both. You're always in my prayers.

Prayers for comfort for the Barnhill family from our hearts today. Thanksgiving also to the Healer who brought Jared back and protected and healed Ainsley.

Josh thanks for your sweet message today. It was very special.

Simply Sarah said...

Josh and Aly,

I work with a lady that goes to your church. However, before I bought an "Aly's Fight" T-shirt from her, I had already come across your blog. I am completely blown away at the way you have handled this, and the COMPLETE trust and faith you have in the Ultimate Healer. I have added you to my blog list as well, I hope you don't mind. I wanted to share this with others, because I believe the two of you will be an inspiration to people you have never even met, including me. You will be in my prayers!

Jacque Davis said...

You two are simply amazing. The Davis family loves you both.

Anonymous said...

Dear Josh and Aly,
Thank you so much for remembering Jeremy and for your post. You both are so special to the Barnhill Family and I know that Jeremy loved you both deeply. We continue to pray for you both as you win this fight!!
Love, April

Anonymous said...

Josh and Aly, thank you so much for this post! What a beautiful tribute to everyone who suffered that day, and many days thereafter. It brought me to tears and truly touched Mom and Dad. We were and continue to be so blessed by you all! I would also like to give a special thank you to Jared and Ainsley for their faithfulness in always remembering our family. You both are such an inspiration to me. Aly and Josh, you are constantly in the Barnhill family prayers.
Much Love,