Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 6- Unreal, in a good way.

As a Pastors son my whole life in the same church for 25 years I have probably become a bit jaded to some degree as to the passion and ferocity of Gods people. Since Monday October 17 at 4pm  we have been prayed for and supported at a level that has removed all doubt as to why someone would connect to a church body.

What Aly and I were given today at church and then tonight in a far more concentrated version in a gathering with family and friends truly moved me in a way I can honestly say I have never been moved by anyone or anything other than God. 

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that life was spoken into Aly by people that have a passion to see God move on her behalf. 

Can't say thank you enough to Julie Brown and the Richardsons for making tonight happen. 

Tomorrow we see Dr. Barr (Aly's surgeon who removed lump) to have general follow up after surgery. We will then head to Jackson, MS to purchase the floors for our house and then continue on to Baton Rouge tomorrow night.

We will have CAT scans Tuesday am in BR and also have the BRCA test which is a blood test. By noon or so we should be headed to Houston.

A big thank you personally to my mom and dad for taking over the completion of our new house. Cousins Darren and Candace and sister Rachel helping paint siding. Jason, Shad for helping also. My great friend Brandon Brown and Lee helped cover cabinets in plastic. Thank you so much for helping us get the house ready so that Aly has her home to return to as this process begins. 

If you need any electric work call either Twin City Electric (commercial), Fox Family Electric (Residential), or you can call the best builder there is Jonathan Hill, you can see his houses at

yep, that was a plug for these three men because they are truly allowing me to forget my house and concentrate on Aly. 


Beck Payne said...

Count my family in Josh & Aly. We love you guys and are fighting with you!

Robin said...

Josh & Aly- We love you & will continue to hold you up in our prayers :) God is faithful & yes...we are blessed to be a part of such a special church family...

Julie Brown said...

The blessing was completely ours last night! It is a powerful thing to watch the Body of Christ function as the Body of Christ. I can't think of anything that delights the Lord more than watching His people love the way He has called us to love. I felt tremendous peace last night and my prayer is that you and Aly felt it too and that it carries you through this week!

Anonymous said...

If there is anything that I can do for you guys, please let me know! I'm praying for the both of you!!

Laurie Payne

Anonymous said...

We love you guys so very much. Our prayers are with you all the way to complete healing!!
Lonnie & Nell McCurry

Tara Hill said...

I agree completely with what Julie said!! When I was telling my kids about Sunday night, Jon Mical's first response was, isn't that what the church is supposed to do and I said, YES!!! We are here to serve you guys in any way that we can so do not hesitate to ask for anything! We love you guys and are praying for you!!

Jeff Joyce said...

I am praying for you. My daughter whipped cancer about this time last year. She was only 2 years old then. We still go to St Jude every few months. Jesus healed her and he will heal you. I pray for your healing and pray for peace for Josh. Next year at the cancer survivor walk, Aly and Katie can walk together!

Jeff Joyce

Ashley Kent said...

Incredible! God is truly amazing in so many different ways :) Love you both and i wont ever stop praying for you guys <3

xo Ashley K.

Anonymous said...

Praying for God's miraculous healing in Aly's life. May His Holy Spirit bless you with the precious awareness of His presence. May He give you both strength as you fight this disease together. Our God is an amazing God and I am praying this His Kingdom purposes are accomplished in your lives and that His glory is revealed in your lives.

A sister in Christ,
Janet Werdowatz

Tonia and Moon Griffon said...

Aly & Josh,
You are in our prayers. Also, Daniel is sending prayers your way!
We love you and will keep up with you through this blog and your mom in our life group at church.

Prayers of healing and love to you,
Tonia & Moon Griffon

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