Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 5- Visit to Dr. Cataldo in Baton Rouge

Through a family friend we were able to get a visit with Dr. Cataldo in Baton Rouge. A few new pieces of information came from the meeting but most of all we were able to get a educated version of what we will most likely expect in the future.

There are a few items that will be determined through more tests and then also re-working the slides of the lump that was removed. At this time it is still up in the air as to whether or not the sample of tissue that was removed contained all the cancer cells. This will be determined and if the cancer was contained in the sample and it has enough "margin" (unaffected, healthy tissue) around the area that was determined to be cancerous then there has been a prospective course of possible action laid out.

With Aly's family history of breast cancer Dr. Cataldo felt it was very necessary to run a BRCA test to determine if Aly is genetically predisposed to breast cancer. The outcome of this test can determine whether we will be looking at a possible mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Today was an informative day. We are more educated with what is attempting to attack my wife. This is not good news for the cancer. The more we know about it the closer it gets to getting a swift, unwashed boot to the face.

My wife is unreal, again today I saw her poked and prodded and hearing about her body being under attack and she is the same constant kind, loving, beautiful, persistent, persevering ANGEL of a WOMAN that I am lucky enough to call my wife.

On Tuesday we will be heading to Baton Rouge to have a CT Scan, BRCA test, then we head to Houston to MD Anderson.

You cannot understand how much it means to have the support from people reading and responding to our blog and emailing and texting.

We have plenty of room on the Taylor butt kicking campaign train, we are so thankful to have your support!


Jacque Davis said...

The Davis family is on the butt kicking train with you. Praying with complete belief in Aly's healing.

Anonymous said...

We love you both and are praying for full healing ! God is on your side and Cancer has no chance! Keep the faith , stay strong and know you both are loved!
Melody and Pop-a-lock /Lockwood

Sarah Krier Cashwell said...

Just found out about this. Praying right now and gonna keep on until I read the post saying that cancer got it's butt kicked. Love you Aly! You are such an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

A few things...
information is power and everything you learn helps you caregive for Aly. Listen, read and become as familiar with the health care systems around you as you can. REmember you have options...once you know the stage and type of specific cancer from pathology, then look for the best treatment options available. Look at Mayo, John Hopkins, Sloan-Kettering, Cancer Treatment Centers of America...etc. in addition to MD Anderson. Remember they are making huge strides now in cancer treatment and each hospital specializes at some level.

My experience reminds me that you both are stronger than you think and you will find GRACE to be your dearest friend.

Don't be afraid, God has you.

Bill Isaacs

Anonymous said...

Josh & Aly,
We are praying and have great faith that we will see the miraculous healing power of our God in Aly! The Harris's love you!
Amy, Ron and the Boys

Anonymous said...

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Amy and Tom Rey
Adding you to our prayer list in Nashville, TN

Ashley Kent said...

Praying my heart out for you BOTH! Love you guys <3 You both are extremely strong and i know God will touch her body with Grace and heal her in no time!

xo Ashley K.

whitney eppinette said...

Hey aly!!
You are everything josh says and more! You are beautiful inside and out and I'm praying for you daily!!

Katherine said...

Thank you so much for the updates!! I absolutely can't stop thinking about ya'll. You were on my mind as soon as I woke up this morning. Josh, I love your descriptions... they are right on. I can't imagine anyone who would or could handle this more beautifully than Aly. Praying for that swift boot to cancer's face to come soon :) Love ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

Count coach and Mrs. Deaton in on the butt kicking train. Our thoughts and prayers for you both and especially for Aly's healing! God's blessings

Coach Bruce Deaton

keene52700 said...

Josh and Aly, We are praying like crazy over here in Pensacola and are spreading the word for continued prayer

Anonymous said...

The Whites are on board the butt kicking train as well! We love you both and know your faith will carry you through this. Our prayers are with you both and your families. As the OCS families say "you gotta believe"!

Dean, Diana, Ashley and Mark White

Christi Fox said...

The Fox's are here to campaign with you!!
Praising and Thanking God already for this victory!!

LovingLSU said...
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LovingLSU said...

it goes without saying, but know the Olin's are also on your train. We love you both and are praying for God's will to be done.

Bill and Jo Alice

Debbie Swan said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers since my sweet neighbor, Christi told me about you! To God be the Glory! I am a 2 yr breast cancer survivor!! Keep the faith, stay positive, a strong support system and PRAYERS!! And you too can say you beat it and are a SURVIVOR! God Bless and Praying for you and Josh!

Shane Sears said...

Erin and I love you guys and are definitely taking a seat on the train! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Dear Josh & Aly:
I am Candace's dad and I have some advice for you on how to secure your victory over this thing. Once you have learned how to do that, the Lord will use you to help many to do the same.
Because we are people of faith, we often think that walking in faith for something like this should be easy or automatic, but I caution you that to a large extent the church hasn't learned how to walk in faith. Jesus said: "When I return, will I find faith in the earth?". When we think about faith we tend to equate it with belief, but if you will look at all the examples of faith in the bible, there is a believing component and there is an action component. This is the part we tend to miss.
The first step in walking this out is to understand where this comes from. The word tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.
This is a time to dig into the word of God (faith comes by hearing the word) so that you can gain confidence in your position. The devil and his recruits are trying to enforce the curse of the law, but if you have trusted that what Jesus did counts for you, then you have been redeemed from the curse. (Gal 3:13) It's important to understand that most of the doctors that you have to deal with don't understand this reality. It's important to understand that if they have bad reports along the way that you don't receive them. In Luke 9:1, we see that Jesus gave disciples power and authority over all demons and to cure disease. See the link. So right now, all cancer cells may have already been cut out of Aly's body, but what may be more important is learning how to resist the devil so that it cannot return; to daily put on the breastplate of righteousness and the shield of faith. Encourage yourselves in the word of God so that you understand this authority.
Don't let him come against your mind to cause unbelief. The word of God is living and powerful.
The word of God is your sword against this thing. Learn to speak it out of your mouth. Resist the enemy in the name of Jesus and command him to leave. He will flee! Speak to every cell in Aly's body and forbid malfunction in the name of Jesus. Aly, right now I command every cell in your body to line up with the word of God and to function normally and replicate normally in Jesus name.
As I mentioned, faith has a believing part and a doing part. When Jesus taught us about faith, he said have the God kind of faith.
The God kind of faith says what it believes. Sometimes our action is just saying what we believe which you have already started doing in this blog. Cheryl and I will be lifting you up that your faith will be made perfect for this battle.
Brian Lathrop

Ashley Soneson said...

Aly & Josh-

My husband and I will be praying hard for you, your loved ones, and all your doctors and nurses!

Nahum 1:7
Psalm 62:5-8

k'lyn matthews said...

The California contingent is on the butt-kicking train! You have never met me - Yvonne is my great aunt, her sister Lois was my grandma. Lois got breast cancer later in life, but beat it off and had many long, happy years with us afterwards.

I only met Aly once, when she was a little girl, at my grandpa's 80th birthday celebration in Mobile; but I know our family, and the women are especially STRONG. And so in my prayers, I trust that with her inner strength, your love and faith, and the bountiful grace of God, Aly is healing, healthy, and whole!

Thank you for letting us share the burden. We will pray without ceasing as you move through this.

all my love, k'lyn
(Kristi Lyn Morgensen Matthews)

Kelsey Bufkin said...

I just heard about Aly and want to you know that we are praying for y'all! Believing for complete healing in Jesus' name!

Anonymous said...

All aboard!! Chugga chugga choo choo!! In your face cancer!!
We love you two so much! God is so real in you there is no room for anything else!
By heart,
The Nations

Pam Guillory said...

Hi Aly. My name is Pam Guillory and I am in your mom's life group at Nrth Monroe. I am a 5yr BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR!!!! I have been on the butt kicking train and gladly will get back on the butt kicking train for you. I spoke to your mom in class this am and will keep you and your family in my prayers. I love your husband's Energy and Support he has for you. Stay strong and positive!!! If I can help you in any way plz call me....237-3531. God Bless You,Pam Guillory