Friday, October 28, 2011

Chemotherapy round one.

Yesterday Aly had a bone scan performed where they put radioactive material in her and try and see if there is any cancer in her bones, today it cam e back negative, GREAT.

Today at 3:30 we started the first step of the physical war with cancer.

Aly has had her blood pressure measured at least twice in the last two days that I remember specifically. Each of those times it was 128 and 134. As we were preparing to have the first round of chemo administered we were told that Taxol commonly causes a spike in blood pressure. The administering nurse, April, warned us of this, so needless to say our expectation was that Aly's would spike also.

After all the rush and hurry and Worldly fear that should have only helped the Taxol spike Aly's blood pressure,the nurse took her first blood pressure after 7 minutes of Taxol and she saying don't worry when it reads higher. She then took her blood pressure and it came to 108- that is lower than it was pre-chemo. She then measured it again 20 minutes later and it came back 105.

At this point April, our nurse just looked at Aly and said no one does this, you're good. Aly is good, but that was God.

All your prayers are working-at times in this fight there will be wins and setbacks.

I'll take my 3 letter word GOD over their words, cancer, pain, blood pressure, heart rate.

Cancer: today my wife begins physical war with you, this is not a lady you want any part of-fierce, determined, steadfast, persevering. I look forward to watching her beat you.

We will stay in Houston again tonight and come home tomorrow. Right now Aly feels good, but we understand the next few days could have some interesting moments. We believe God to heal her and also help limit the unfunny nights and days along the way.

We will return to Houston on Thursday for an MRI and then round two of chemo on Friday.

We look forward to being home with our friends and family.


Wayne & Sheri Whiteside said...

We are praying for you! Jesus reigns!

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreeing that your three letter word GOD rules!!

Scott Lambert said...

That is great news so far! We are keeping you guys in our prayers. I know God will pull you both through this!
-Scott and Heather Lambert

Mrs. Clark Bar said...

I have no idea how I stubbled upon your blog, but I am moved by your unyielding faith. My thoughts and prayers are with your family that God beats and destroys this cancer.

Gayle said...

Praise Father God for all the good news from yesterday. I pray for you guys almost every time I think of you. You have no idea how God is already using you to minister to SO MANY people during this journey. I've been amazed at my facebook friends who have been touched by your story and are following you and praying for you. GOD is SO in control. How could you ever go through this without him? Love and Hugs, Gayle Howard (Terry's cousin)

Wayne Guess said...

We are asking the Lord to see to it that chemotherapy kills cancer cells and does no harm to healthy cells. We continue prayer for complete healing, strength, and peace for you two and your loved ones. We are here, trusting Christ Jesus, until we hear cancer and the devil yell "Calf Rope!"

JerryNell & Wayne Guess

Ashley Kent said...

YOU KILL EM' MRS. ALY!!!!! <3 GETTEM' GIRL ;) ha love you and still praying

The Lewis' said...

Josh and Aly reading this makes my heart smile and cry, but I know as you said this cancer doesn't know who it is messing with!!:) We are praying for you both! Tanner said "Tell them that I Love them."
Jesus is Lord!
Eric, Helen and Tanner Lewis

Pam Schneider said...

HI Josh and Aly,

I am a friend of Terri Mancill's and I have been reading your blog and praying for healing for Aly. I heard this song this weekend and immediately thought of you, Josh! It is by Martina McBride and is called, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It". It's beautiful!

Pam Schneider

April5785 said...

Aly! You are an inspiration to many! I do not know you but I went to CCS with Josh. I am praying for you and Josh. It is scary to see someone so youg having to go through chemotherapy but it is rewarding to see you giving it all to God!