Thursday, September 4, 2014

Race for the Cure- SIGN UP!!!


In just 3 weeks, it will be time for Race for the Cure again! 

Last year, I couldn't run, as I was at one of my very best friend's baby shower! I was definitely in the right place that day, but I am looking forward to running in it this year!

The last time I ran in Race for the Cure, I still had drains in from one of my reconstructive surgeries. This year, I am drain free, healed and whole! I can actually run! I am starting to run to make sure I can actually run it:)

This was my family that ran it 2 years ago with me!
Team Aly-Oop

One of my sweet friends set up a team for me. The team name is Aly-Oop! If you plan on running, or just simply want to support, please consider joining my team! It is no additional cost, unless you are wanting to donate extra money!

Just make sure you sign up under my team name! Here is the link to sign up under "Aly-Oop!" :

Thank you all for supporting me and most importantly breast cancer awareness and treatment!

Breast Cancer Awareness

I am JUST now, sorta, kinda getting to a place where I can be excited about breast cancer awareness. I know that sounds terrible, but it would just make me sick to my stomach to read statistics and to see everything "breast cancer." I am even going to a survivor's luncheon this Saturday. That is a HUGE deal for me.

Pray for me please. I can sometimes get overwhelmed with everything "breast cancer." God is doing works in me and healing my heart of pain and scars.

Looking forward to celebrating with Race for the Cure on September 27th!!!

Love y'all,


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