Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Moving Day

Here is a joint post from me and some thoughts from Josh. Enjoy:)

Our Move

Aly: Our moving day was crazy for us. Yes, it was crazy with the moving van and getting all the last minute stuff out of our house, but our emotions were even more crazy.

I saw Josh that day around lunch time and he was a wreck. He literally couldn't get a word out of his mouth without crying. He kept apologizing to me and telling me he was okay but has just been an emotional wreck.

Josh: I don't struggle with attachment to houses. This wasn't a house though.
This was our first dream house. My wife was healed here. God did a mighty work in me here.

Outside of my heart, that house was where God did the mightiest of his works in me. While awake and many while asleep.

The moment we left the house, I was good. Until that final goodbye, there was such meaning though. Everything there has a place in the darkest moments of my life.

In the darkest moments of my life I learned to let God in. Outside of God healing Aly, what I believe will be the greatest events in my life happened there. Those spaces at 509 is where God took control of a broken man.

Aly: Also, that morning I had learned some discouraging news for my fertility with some blood work we had received and was trying to keep the news from Josh, as I could see he was really struggling.

We were both kind of at a loss for words so I decided to grab Josh's hand and lead him into our "special spot." You guessed it, the corner in the guest room. The very spot we learned of my diagnosis.

Over the last 2 1/2 years of living in that house, there were times I would go and sit in that spot and pray. It was covered by a bed for most of the time, but something about that spot. Just something about that spot. The desperation that took place there. It is almost a tangible feeling.

So, I took his hand and did only what I know to do in times like those. I prayed. I prayed for our emotions, for wisdom as we moved forward, thanked God for the times we had in that house, thanked him for my miraculous healing, and then cried out to him for more miracles for our fertility and future.

At this point, we are soaking wet. Sweat, mixed with tears, mixed with mascara...such a pretty picture. Not much was said, but we both just sat in that corner after we prayed, mostly in silence taking in all that God has done and all he will continue to do.

The guest room corner

Moving is a Fresh Start

As I said in my last post, we are loving our one-bedroom apartment, but the cool thing about moving is it gives you a fresh start.

We got rid of a TON, and are continuing to do so. You realize how much you don't really need. It is refreshing to "start over" in a way. Hey, there is a positive of moving every 2 least we don't compile as much junk as other families...trying to look at the bright side;)

But what I have been contemplating is that we all need to have a moving day. And no, I don't mean we all need to move every 2 years. Please keep your sanity!!!! We all need to have a day/days where we draw a line in the sand, move from point A to point B, and never look back.

It's Moving Day

I explained in an earlier post how I wanted this summer to be different. I wanted to be intentional. I have done an okay job at it so far, but I am way better than what I was at the beginning of summer. A true "moving day" came for me the first of July, when it was, "Okay, let's get serious about this, Aly." 

I started making more non-negotiables for myself and am striving to not fall back into my ways. Keeping my eye on the prize.

I want to remember my "moving days." For me, a moving day happened in high school when a teacher showed me what true relationship with Jesus Christ looked like. 

Another moving day happened for me when I felt God's presence so real in my bedroom that it literally woke me up one night and I could never doubt the "realness" of God.

Another moving day happened when I married Josh and followed God's plan for my life. Trusting him with my future and leaving much of what I had known, or become "familiar" with.

Another moving day was when I made my mind up that I would be healed and began seeking out scripture to hide in my truly study God's word and promises. What it said about healing and believing-truly believing it. That was a huge moving day for me.

Now, as we are taking more tangible steps in starting our family, I have drawn a line in the sand and am trusting God to have us bear children. Taking him at his word and expecting another miracle. Moving day.

Many of you might term these "spiritual landmarks", but for some reason, "Moving Day" seems to resonate more with me. Maybe because I am familiar with moving. 

Get Moving

I challenge you:

What are some of your moving days? If you don't have them, why not?

Do you need to move today?

Write down, share your moving days with your spouse, friends, others...

When my future kids ask me about my personal spiritual landmarks, I want to explain to them about moving. I want to explain how moving is hard and taxing. It takes a lot of planning, sweat, and tears (in their daddy and my case), but it's a new start. 

It is a day in time where Mommy saw God move and made a commitment to be different from that point forward. Once that property is sold, it is no longer ours- it's gone. Not going back. Not going back.


Encouraging us to GET MOVING,


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