Saturday, May 17, 2014

Closed Doors. Open Doors.

Closed Doors

Closed doors are often thought as a negative thing, or an opportunity that is no longer available. Recently, I have had some closed doors in my life that have been wonderful to close. One of those is finishing my PhD.

I graduated Saturday and a HUGE door was closed in my life, and I welcomed this closed door. For
22 years I have been in school, and for the first time in my life that I can remember, I won't be in school. Hallelujah!!!! 9 years of college- 5 years of those graduate school- D.O.N.E.!!!

I am looking forward to:

- the nights without a laptop in front of me
- not doing school work on vacations
- not always having something hanging over my head
- no papers!
- no projects!
- being DONE!

As you all know by now, I am a list crosser-offer, so to be done with something so huge gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

Graduation was great and super special. I had several family members come out and bear the heat, people, crowd, and wait just to hear my 2 seconds of glory. I really am so blessed.

I was the first graduate to walk in and the last to cross the stage! So, if they wanted to see me walk across the stage, they had to stay until the VERY end- that is love and commitment:) I have the best.

I looked up in the crowd trying to find my family and saw this sign-- how sweet was that!? My mom had this made. It is a picture of me at my Pre-K graduation. So sweet!

This was right before graduation. This girl has been amazing...we started our Master's and Doc together and finishing together- perfection. Love Lauren Fix!

My family had fun with my sign/Miss America banner

My sweet step-brother Thomas was excited for me:)

He has made so many sacrifices for me to finish this- beyond grateful!

My sweet family

Another shot--they are the best

I love this guy...

Because my major professor hooding wasn't good enough...

My awesome mom and I

Happy happy happy


After graduation was over, we went home, relaxed, and took a nap (best decision ever). Then, we got ready for a celebration dinner that night. My mom and Mr. Joey (along with Jonathan's help:)) put it together for me and it was wonderful.

We just had our family members and 2 close friends celebrate with us. My mom had a sweet poster set up, and we watched my Pre-K graduation. It really was special. How cute is this poster?

So thankful for these 2. Such a great night!

My favorite little boy, sweet Liam

Lots of the Joey photo bomb

This sweet guy said the kindest things about me that night. Several of my family members said some really encouraging and uplifting words to me. I will always treasure that!

My FRamily, yes friends that happen to be family

I love this little family...we love laughing at Liam!

Not sure what happened..trying to do prom poses and then this these people

At the end of the last woo hoo!

As you can tell, it was definitely a celebration. You put my favorite people in a small room together, plus good food and it equals an awesome time. All I can continue to say is God is so so good and I am just amazingly blessed.

Open Doors

So, yes my schooling door has closed, but God is opening many other doors. Job opportunities, speaking opportunities, ministry's really exciting to see what doors the Lord will open for us next.

I used to be such a worrier. When a door would close, I would worry and wonder what was going to happen. Would I be okay? Would we be taken care of? Now, I am at such a different place in my life. I know God will ALWAYS pull through. He is faithful. That is who he is- he CANNOT deny himself.

So, we walk in trust to open doors. When a closed door comes, I wait in expectation of something even greater to come along. 

So, yes, I obviously am praising God for the closed door of graduation. But it has made me ponder and meditate on other closed doors and how I can praise him for those closed doors. And then wait in expectation for even greater ones to open- my career, my health, my fertility, my spiritual walk, friendships, etc...

Coming from someone who has seen the SUPERNATURAL power of our holy and perfect God, I trust him. I trust that closed doors are a GOOD thing. So I encourage you to see the closed doors in your life as a blessing.

Trust and expect for God to open even greater doors as you trust and obey him. Keep trusting and obeying. Open doors are coming!



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Jil Dasher said...

So proud of you!!! You are one special lady & I look forward to seeing all the ways God uses you for His kingdom!!!