Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Don't Need a Baby to Believe

I am all about a baby. In fact, I am ready for it. Waiting.

Only question is will I believe with no baby? God has proved he's active and living in our life. I don't have to look far.

Healing of Cancer.

Breaking of my hard heart.

Birthing of a desire for change.

I made a mistake about 7 months into this journey where I found myself abandoning part of God's plan when I found a backup plan that made sense to me.

You see, I didn't abandon THE plan. I just abandoned the part of the plan I found a replacement for.

I will not repeat this heartbreaking mistake. I will lose all I have to not repeat this.

I am tired of the world I became comfortable in. It was built around the wisdom of man that was bound to fail.

Are you making your love for God and desire for him conditional on something you are asking him to do?

In my prayer journal I pray by the ACTS method. The last one is supplication. I ask God to do all kinds of things. The first being for us to have a baby. Multiple babies at that.

Right now I can see those babies. My latest pictures are two girls. Curly brown hair for one and blonde for the other. I want a replica of their mom. I pray their hearts are broken for God now. Before we ever know them.

I only get to ask God to do things after I have given him adoration, after I have confessed my sins, after I have thanked him for all that he has already done.

My requests are known to God. Maybe my biggest request should be for his plan. Not mine.



Nell said...

Thank you, Josh. Your words are inspiring and true. My admiration grows for you both.

Aly Taylor said...

You encouraged me so greatly through this blog. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Knowing with out seeing equals faith. So much insight within the walls of these paragraphs. Praying with you and for you. Thanks for using your Goliath to slay the giants in the lives of others. Mandy Antley!

Cathy Walters said...

This is beautiful. I told Aly this some time ago, but I want to share it with you. I remember vividly being told that Aly had cancer and that her eggs could not be harvested. I was in a hotel room in Baton Rouge for All-state choir with the girls. I immediately began praying and crying out that God place a shield of protection around your precious babies. That night in my dream, God spoke to me and said Aly was going to have two little girls. Even as I knew God spoke this to me, it was so difficult to be obedient and tell Aly. It took me over a year. Thank you for posting this. Love you guys!

Cathy Walters

Aly Taylor said...


Your comment made me cry- again. Thank you for sharing with Josh too. Thank you for being faithful and obedient. I cannot tell you the hope it brings us. We believe it! Love you!!!