Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why Auburn's upset of #1 Alabama gives me hope of my own upset.

This post is by Josh. Aly's husband. Bella's dad.

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As a sports guy I get so much joy from seeing the upset. Saturday night was no exception.

Saturday night the University of Auburn played the University of Alabama in a matchup of the #1 and #4 ranked teams in the nation. More importantly than that was at stake the 78th Iron Bowl.
The state of Alabama was at war over football. We are talking about the tree poisoning kind of war that can only take place over football.
In what is sure to be one of the greatest endings to happen since the band came on the field with :01 second left Auburn had a chance at the unbelievable. You see, Alabama and Nick Saban had rushed out to a 21-7 lead in the 2nd quarter. With just seconds left in the game Auburn had tied the score at 28-28. Alabama had the ball and chose to kick a field goal to win the game.
Auburn was staring in the face of their impossible, their upset. Once chance left and little did they know that :01 second was plenty of time for the impossible. Alabama kicked the field goal and it came up short but you see Auburn had a guy waiting just in case that happened. Chris Davis #11 caught the ball at the back of his end zone and proceeded to go 108 yards all the way down the field with no time left to pull off the impossible and beat the #1 Crimson Tide.
Last year Auburn was a dumpster fire and fired their head coach. Just 12 months ago this was their impossible. Today they wake up having accomplished their upset.
As I watched the replays what hit me is this, what is my impossible? What is my upset?
I can define that for you. My upset would be staying the course. My  upset would be staring in the face of all the desires I battle to creep back into the worldly desires to follow money and achievement. My impossible is to keep God as my quest.
The question is, will I be like Gus Malzahn and make my plan. See, going into last night Auburn wasn’t supposed to beat Alabama. The odds were strongly against them. Gus Malzahn, the coach of Auburn had told his team leading into the game to just make it a 4 quarter game. Which means let’s give ourselves a shot to win in the 4th quarter.
Give themselves a shot is what they did and what happened? Their upset happened.
I love sports and I love the underdog. What is even more exciting is that spiritually my impossible in this world places me as the underdog! Can you imagine what the celebration will be when I accomplish my upset?
If you think the Auburn fans had a party can you imagine what awaits spiritual winners?
For the brave: Share below what is your spiritual upset? Not just to follow God, but what will be your obstacles. I look forward to the discussion.

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Jim Akers said...

God loves underdogs. The last shall be first! I know God does not want us to be comfortable here in this world because his design is to have us join him for a great party in heaven. You honor him Aly with your fight and your words of encouragement and hope!