Sunday, June 23, 2013

"You are well"

"You are well." These are the words that Dr. Strom (my radiation oncologist) kept repeating to me at my appointment on Wednesday. I am well. I am well, in Jesus' name. God showed out big these last few days, as they were two of my best visits yet. I prayed very specifically for these appointments and God answered my prayers, even to the details. I am so thankful.

I prayed for my blood to be taken easily and it was. They got several nurses to come back to try to find a vein, but one did and she got it on the first try. I literally cannot remember another time that has happened. She stacked my purse with hand warmers to use before my surgery this week. Hopefully that will help them find a vein. The last couple of my surgeries, they have waited until I was put under to put an IV in because they have so much trouble.

Next, I had my X-ray. I got taken back very quickly and the lady was super nice. We then had a break in our schedule and were able to visit with some friends who had a family member undergoing a mastectomy. Josh also got to see one of our close friend's dad who is at MDA. Then, we headed straight to Dr Strom's office and got called back so quickly! Seriously, God was good to us, even in wait times on this trip! A man came in before Dr. Strom and he reviewed my bloodwork and X-ray, which both looked perfect:) Thank you Father!!! He was very nice...we just laugh at this point, because I am a very modest person, yet so many men at that hospital have seen me half naked! Just random doctors that sit in on the doctor's visit... I just tell myself: "I am helping them"... "I am helping them"... "I am helping them." Makes it a little less awkward:)

Then Dr. Strom came in and he is just so kind. He discussed the "scarring" that is left from radiation. What I would call really tough skin and where the skin is "stuck" to the muscle, he calls "scarring." He hates that so much scarring is left, but he is hopeful it will release some as time goes on. We discussed my upcoming surgery and he somewhat discouraged a few things that we discussed doing in our surgery next Friday. He discouraged fat grafting to the concave area of radiation scarring, as well as the pec skin release where my pec muscle is so tight. Sooo, it was good information, but we are now questioning and praying about what all we will do in surgery. We know we are having a lift on the right side, drain scars flattened, and some excess skin removed from my lat flap surgery. The fat grafting and pec release are now up for debate. Please pray that we will make the right decision on what to do. Other than that, we just visited and he was just so please that I was "well." Thank you Jesus! So, we are praying for wisdom for this surgery, so I will be kept safe.

Proverbs 28:26 "He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe."

Here is a picture of Dr. Strom and me after my appointment Wednesday

After my visit with Strom, I headed to my ultrasound. I prayed that I would have a tech that I knew and would talk to me. Flavia was my ultrasound tech and she had been mine 2 times before. She is from Argentina and she is extremely sweet. She talked to me the whole time and then left to have the doctor read the ultrasound. She came back in my room to tell me that everything looked good, but she was just getting the official report. I appreciated that so much! What an answer to prayer. I just thanked God after she left. Most of the time you just have to wait and wait and wait, but she came to tell me everything looked good. I have had so many special moments with God in that ultrasound room...where it was just us. Thanking him, crying in devastation, doubting Him, praising Him...and he has proved faithful through it all. Thankful He is faithful even when we are not!

2 Timothy 2:13 "If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is."

Flavia said that when I come next year for my ultrasound, we can do a baby ultrasound at the same time:) She just had a baby and we were discussing how she was able to use the equipment to check up on her baby. I love those who speak life and positive words over me!

Proverbs 18:21 "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits."

We met another couple (breast cancer survivor) who is about a year behind me. She looks amazing and we had such a great time with Brandie and Mark. They actually saw us in MDA one day and knew us from our blog and introduced themselves last year. Really a God thing. She is about a year behind me and it was great to see them. No one can ever really understand what you go through when you are diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, but if anyone else can understand, it is another who has gone through it. Our experiences were different, but we can relate on so many things.

Wednesday night, we went to an Astros game! We had a blast. We have been talking about going to a game for so long, so it was great to have a fun night with my man. Here are some pictures from the game.
We almost caught a ball:)

So, on Thursday morning, I had my appointment with my surgical oncologist, Dr. Babiera (who performed my mastectomy surgery). I hadn't seen her in over a year! She basically just looked at me and felt for anything worrisome, and everything looked and felt great. Praise God! She was a little disappointed in the way my scars looked, but was hopeful that they would be less prominent as time goes on. The rest of our visit, we just visited. She loved on me and kept hugging me. It is crazy to see the transformation in doctors as I continue to be well. I assume they have to somewhat protect themselves from getting too close or emotionally connected with patients, but as I have continued to be well, they have been more open to me. It is so good to have that on so many levels!!!! It was so great to see her and she definitely lifted my spirits. I won't see her or Dr. Strom for a year. Wow, God!

A picture of Dr. Babiera and me

So, now we are just waiting until we head to Houston for my surgery this week. We will head down on Wednesday, have my pre-op appointments on Thursday and then surgery on Friday. We won't know the time of my surgery until Thursday night. Josh will update the blog and keep you all updated. It is crazy that I have been nervous about this surgery, considering the other ones I've been through. Please pray for a successful surgery, wisdom for doctors, and that what is supposed to be done in surgery will be done!

**Also**, check out the "cancer caretaking" tab at the top of our blog. Through our own cancer healing experience, we have collected so many things that have been helpful and not so helpful to us during our struggles. We all know someone going through cancer, an illness, or a crisis and our hope is that our suggestions can help you help others. It has just a few things that we have learned through our journey. I love you guys!!!

I am well,


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