Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's still April?!?


Gosh. It is just the middle of April, and I feel like April should be coming to a close. In a way that is good, because things have been a little calmer for the Taylor's, but in a way, I am ready for April to speed by, as each month is a huge milestone for me.Still learning to live each day without rushing them by.

Here are some pictures from our Spring Break trip to the beach.

We had such a relaxing time. I am so thankful for my husband in many ways, but one of the ways is that he is my best friend- TRULY! We have so much fun together- whether it's doing activities, or just doing nothing, we just enjoy each others company. I am so grateful for that. We had a wonderful time at the beach besides....shingles. Yes, that's right, I was diagnosed with SHINGLES! Crazy huh?! While we were at the beach, I had lots of shooting pain, numbness, itching, burning, skin sensitivity on my back and side, then a rash on my back. We went to a doctor while at the beach, and we finally discovered it was shingles. This explains my massive headaches and a lot of the weird sensations I was having. I was of course relieved to know it was shingles, but just so mad and aggravated at the devil for using such crazy things to try and DE-rail me. Won't work. Won't ever work. Definitely put a damper on our trip though.

So, I'm getting over that and feeling much better, but still dealing with low back pain. Still struggling with this a lot, but God has given me much more peace about it. I have been exercising on a stationary bike and I tried swimming this weekend. It was like a child having to re-learn to swim, with my back muscles and chest muscles feeling so different. I'm sure it was funny to watch. Josh instructing me how to swim...my breathing like I had just swam miles...and the pool being 58 degrees. Funny to say the least. But we are learning and trying new things, so that I can still exercise with my back issues.

I learned that I passed my PhD comprehensive exams, which is huge for me, and am now continuing to work on my dissertation proposal. We will head to Houston in 2 weeks for my 3 month oncology check-up (April 29 and 30), followed by a reconstructive check up. Please be praying now that Dr. Litton remains unconcerned with me and my symptoms. We are looking forward to this Houston trip, as we will be able to go to our favorite Houston stops and see our Houston family, the Stanfills.

I am reminded of how small my problems are when the tragedy hit Boston yesterday. My heart has been broken for this city and those affected. Please join me in continued prayers of so many people who are hurting. I know what it is like to suffer, in a much different way, of course. But because I have felt devastation, I feel a connection with those that are devastated- no matter what kind of devastation they are facing. We need you Jesus.

 Please, please continue to pray for me. We will update after my appointments if not before. I have more peace about my back pain, but it is still hard to live in pain. I have been so blessed to not have had to live with a constant pain ever before. One of my amazing friends, Christi, sent me this scripture this morning:

"Consider it great joy, my brothers whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its COMPLETE WORK, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing" James 1:2-4

She text me this scripture and said that maybe the struggles and pains that I am still experiencing are a part of endurance doing its COMPLETE work. I want to be complete, lacking nothing, and this could just be another test of faith. I will continue to stand on my confession of faith of my healing, with pain or without. Striving to be patient, but of course wanting relief! I know the relief is coming. I've experienced bits of it and am trusting my back will feel much better soon. Thank you for continuing to join me in prayer.

My friends are incredible. I still get texts, emails, and phone calls from friends that lift me up and still understand I am struggling each day. One of my dear friends, Alicia, told me that she thought of me as she watched the Bible series on the history channel. On one of the episodes, it is the lady that touches Jesus' clothes and she is healed. (I missed this episode) Alicia said that Jesus grabbed her face and said "You are healed." She told me, "Aly, Jesus has held your face, looked into it and said, "You are healed."" There is no need to worry. This really challenged me, because if God tangibly grabbed my face and spoke those words to me, I wouldn't question...and that IS what he did. Oh the grace He has for me! So forgiving, so faithful, so true...

Thank you to all who continue to remind me of God's healing. In him I hope, trust, believe, and live.

Here are some pictures from relay for life that was this weekend. This is my 2nd year to attend this event. Last year, we went a week after my mastectomy and I had all 5 drains hidden under my baggy t-shirt. This year, no one is staring at me, I have hair, and a small t-shirt with no drains. Praise God! I don't know if I will ever be able to comprehend all that Jesus has delivered me from, but I will try!

Expectant for great doctor's reports,


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Brenda Carr said...

You certainly had a lot of things going on April, Aly! Well, that was certainly good news that you spent your time wisely with your family and friends. And congratulation on passing the PhD comprehensive exams, and started again working on your PhD dissertation. Anyway, I wish you good luck with anything that you wanted to do in life. Just enjoy every bit of it!