Friday, February 1, 2013

Discharged and in Hotel room

We are now in our hotel room and Aly is sleeping.

Sure you all know this at this point but the things Aly had to accomplish to be discharged is to be able to stomach water and food, have her pain be tolerable and then also use the bathroom.

Fairly quickly Aly was able to drink water and sprite and then also was able to eat some saltine crackers and not have them come back up. She initially was not feeling good but then it clicked with her that if she told them she was dizzy that they may not let her go early. This was about 11:45am so I told her I was going to go eat and then when I got back we would see how she felt. Well needless to say when we got back from eating she was feeling good enough to go home.

She was able to finish the checks that the nurse had set for her and so we were on our way. We are staying in the Rotary House which is connected to the hospital so after about a half mile wheelchair ride we were in the hotel room.

Aly has been sleeping on and off since then.

I will update again tomorrow morning unless something interesting happens.

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