Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dont Challenge my wife, she will beat you.

This morning Dr. Villa came in and talked to Aly and checked her out and thought everything was looking great. He then proceeded to tell Aly there were 4 things she had to do in order to go silly of him. He said she had to be able to walk around, use the bathroom without the Foley (catheter), take pain pills orally, handle normal diet. At 1:31pm I received a text that said, "got up and walked around, foley taken out. love u". She also ate her favorite pasta from Ruggles green tonight so tomorrow all she has to do is take pills orally and she will have completed a 4 day process in .......1 day.

These doctors will soon figure out setting goals for Aly Taylor is like dangling steak in front of the starving.

I was sitting in Aly's bed with her just before her last nurse visit and she looks at me and says, " i don't see why we won't be able to go home tomorrow".  Just another day in the life.

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Anonymous said...

This just makes me smile so big! Aly you are amazing! We love y'all!
~Sarah Niswanger