Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aly's Fight T-shirts!!

This is a guest post by Lee Taylor and I have some big news about our fundraising efforts to stand behind Aly and Josh during this tough time.

I am excited to announce that the Aly's Fight t-shirt fundraiser raised $4,500 to bless Josh and Aly. We have sold so many shirts, and it has been amazing to see everyone supporting Aly around town.

Another amazing story is that of Polar X ornaments, who sold Christmas ornaments in the mall, who heard about Aly's story and was willing to donate part of their profits before Christmas to Aly. I will also be giving Aly and Josh a check for $231.60. INCREDIBLE!!

Some people have asked about the window decals. These are $5 and for more information on these you can email Jennifer Jordan at jennchex@yahoo.com.

There are some extra Aly’s Fight shirts still available. Email me at alysfight@gmail.com if you are interested in picking up a shirt.

Below is a list of people who still have shirts ready for pickup. Please email us at alysfight@gmail.com to arrange for pickup or for shipping. Also, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at the above email address.

We are looking for:

Amy Linder

Katie Jones

Michael Davis

Robert Jones

Loren McIntyre

Anna Cole

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