Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 26th will forever be ingrained in my mind!

Well, my first FAC chemo is history! When I heard that my first FAC chemo was on January 26th, I somewhat laughed inside at the irony and also just how God works in mysterious ways!

On January 26, 1998, my daddy was killed in a car accident. I was 10 1/2 years old, and of course was one of the worse days of my life. I am a daddy's girl and I miss him every day. When I think of what I missed most about him, it always comes back to his hugs and sitting in his lap...such little things that mean so much.

God brought us through that tragedy that happened on that day and He will bring us through this current hardship. I couldn't write on the blog about what happened on this January 26th, without at least mentioning was happened on January 26th, 14 years ago. Here are some pics with the best daddy in the entire world!!!!

I am feeling good after my first FAC chemo! I was sooo tired after chemo though. Today, I had some stomach cramps and felt a little nauseous, but mostly I just feel blah. That is really the main difference I am feeling from Taxol to FAC. I am just a lot more sleepy, but after I catch a quick nap, I feel much better. Josh took this picture of me in the car on the way home after chemo...I was so drugged! Pun intended!

My doctor's appointment went well and we got to ask Dr. Morrow lots of questions that had been on our mind since our last visit with the interim doctor. The main question that she answered for us had to do with the status of my lymph nodes. She said that it is good when they remain stable, but we do still want them to shrink. If they don't shrink and the matter in the lymph nodes look like a fatty substance, that is good too. According to my past ultrasounds, the things that look different about my lymph nodes compared to regular, non-cancerous lymph nodes are that my lymph nodes are both enlarged and filled with cancer cells and not fatty tissue. So, we need to be praying that the lymph nodes both shrink and/or fill back with regular, fatty tissue instead of cancer cells. So, those are some specifics to be praying for. Especially, since I have an ultrasound and mammogram this Tuesday!

I literally have the best doctor in the world. Thank you to all who prayed for the doctor God would hand-pick for me...she is amazing.

The administering of this FAC chemo was much like Taxol, except for the extra hour and that one chemo would get done, and then they would administer another. The first chemo they gave me was the "F" and my nurse had me eat ice chips while this one was being administered, because it is likely to cause mouth sores. Then came the A chemo, which is nicknamed "the red devil" because it is actually red, and then the C. When chemo was done, I felt a little dizzy and woozy, kind of like you would after a surgery. So, that was weird, but I was just so thankful I wasn't nauseous. I was put on so many pre-meds before chemo was administered, and I am taking my anti-nausea medicine every 8 hours on the dot!

We videoed some of our experiences on Thursday that we thought we would share with you. So many of you have literally walked this journey with us and we want you to feel as involved as possible over our blog. So, I have posted some videos below. If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to watch as one or two of them has my port being accessed.

So, we are continuing to stay in Houston until my appointment on Tuesday for my mammogram, ultrasound, appt with surgeon and appt with radiation doctor. Our plan is then to head home on Tuesday. I won't have to go back to Houston until February 16th! That is crazy- I won't know what to do with my self. The first time since October 26th, that I won't have to be in Houston once a week. Each treatment from here on after will be preceded with an ultrasound to see how I am responding. My belief, hope, and prayer is that the cancer will be gone before surgery. Even though they will be removing my breasts and lymph nodes, I am praying and believing the cancer will be gone before then and the surgery is done preventatively instead of necessarily.

I am so thankful I am not throwing up and feeling terrible, but I definitely feel much differently on this chemo. Please pray that I get to feeling like my normal self very, very soon! In the meantime, we are enjoying staying at the Stanfill's house once again. Last week, the Knotts opened up their condo to us and that was amazing as well. We are so blessed.

Thank you for all the prayers...we will update again this week after my appointments on Tuesday. Love you all!


Michael and Christi Fox said...

Aly and JOsh,

We figured out a way to work our way through the internet blocks here and are now able to check the blog again. We are so excited!! It was really hard reading your last post and seeing pictures. We miss y'all so so much! Please know you are both are in our hearts and our prayers for you continue. I can't imagine all the emotions you both must be feeling now starting this new stronger chemo and knowing surgery and radiation are closer. We'll continue to pray for God's peace and comfort to hold you tight and flow through you. My prayer is always the same, for God to rip all the cancer out and then seal you up so it can never return.
Can't wait to see you in March! Less than 2 months away now. That also means it is about 2 months until you are finished with FAC!!!
Love you.

3_little_arrows said...

I am praising God for your progress, for His faithfulnesss, and for what He is doing through you in the lives on others! On a side note, it feels like forever ago that your dad was in that accident. What an awesome reminder about where you have come from and where you are going. I praise God that the date allowed your dad a part in this journey with you! Continued prayers and much love, sweet girl!

Krista (Spinks) Bordelon

ReneeClary said...

I remember your dad so well! He is with you every step of this!!!!
Do y'all need a place to stay Monday night??? We live right near MDA. I told your mom this a while back and the offer is ways there. My number is 713-409-4454

Ginny Evans said...

What a true blessing you are Aly! God has blessed you with an inner strength that is such an inspiration to so many of us!! You and Josh are being used in ways you cannot imagine by your Heavenly Daddy and I feel so blessed that I can follow your blog and watch as God does what only HE can do!!! And blessed that I can pray along with my prayer team for you all!! Thank You Father for this awesome privilidge! Victory is on the way!!!!! Love you both!

Renee Holman said...

Aly, I am a friend of Josh's parents and aunt. I live in Texas. I am keeping up with your journey through your blog. I have all of my friends praying for you. Thanks for being so transparent. I'm so glad for no nausea. I will be praying for your Tuesday appointments and healing before surgery. Renée Holman

Cheryl Dubois said...

Aly, I used to work with your dad at Briney & Foret. I learned of your battle in the last few days from a friend who works at V&L. When you were young and still in Lafayette, you and Jessica occasionally visited with my daughter Danielle.

I am so sorry to learn of this battle you are fighting. Please know you will be in my prayers. I am glad to know that you are treated in one of the best cancer facilities ever. In 2006, my husband underwent a stem cell transplant at MDAnderson, and I have great faith in their abilities. Jude is doing great 5+ years after his treatment and I pray your results are every bit as successful.

God bless you Aly.

Cheryl Dubois