Sunday, May 19, 2013

Please Update Your EMAIL Now


This is not our normal blog post. This post is an update of sorts that is long overdue for our blog audience. Most of you at this point read our blogs when you receive an email. This is hugely convenient and we have more than 700 subscribers at this point. 

However, if you want to continue getting these updates we need you to update your email. Go to or click here.

This blog is assuming that most of you are reading this as an email so here are some things we need for you to know about and then do so that you can continue to see these updates.

1) We updated the layout of our blog to make it more user-friendly. You can see it here.

2) There are over 700 people that receive our blog updates through email. If you want this to continue we need you take a minute and update your email. Click here and you will be taken to the blog where you can update your email. 

3) We now have a facebook page for Aly's Fight. You can see it here

4) We now have a website for Aly's Fight also, you can see it here.

5) Aly and I both are back on Twitter. You can follow Aly at @alytaylorla and then mine is @joshtaylorla.

We thank you so much for all the kind words that we continue to receive from you guys. We understand that we are blessed even in the middle of our ongoing fight. 

Thank you,


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