Thursday, June 14, 2012

The first post from a 25 year old!

Yes, that's right, I'm 25! I had such a wonderful birthday. On Friday, after treatment I went back to the Stanfill's and took a nap. I wake up to hearing Josh say my name, and I see two of my best friends standing over me! Margot and Ainsley were there looking beautiful, surprising me for me birthday. Of course, I was freaking out and then I had to open my card. My card said to immediately get packed because we were going to San Antonio and Sea World!! I was so excited!!! We immediately got packed and headed out. We ate at the river walk that night and went to Sea World early the next morning. We had a great day going to the shows and seeing all the animals. I wished we could have gone to the waterpark, but I couldn't because of my marks washing off:( But, we still had a wonderful time. We went out to a great italian restaurant that night and celebrated once again! We woke up on Sunday, went to church, and headed back to the Stanfill Suites. We went to the movies and ate again on Sunday, so needless to say, I was spoiled with lots of time with 2 of my best friends. Even though we have seen a lot of each other over the last months (since they have been there for absolutely everything- 1st doc visits, last chemo, surgery, coming and visiting me), we haven't spent much quality time because I typically wasn't feeling my best, so it was wonderful to be feeling good and laughing with the greatest friends. I have THE best friends in the whole entire world.

Proverbs 17:17 "A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need."

My husband of course made all of that possible, and he was so great to me. I felt so, so spoiled. We got another flat tire on Friday! 2 flat tires in a week's time- a little bit of bad luck, huh? A nail in the tire, in 2 different vehicles! Thankful we got it changed and were able to drive to San Antonio.

This week has been good so far and fairly uneventful. I had my class again yesterday, and it went well. It really is neat to see my classmates and Dr. Ray, 6 hours away. I have the best classmates ever. One of my friends, Lauren Fix, is such an amazing friend. She is so dependable and loyal, and I want to be more like her in so many ways. I got my birthday present in the mail from her- a book full of pictures throughout my time at the MFT program, filled not only with pictures but notes from the whole MFT program and scriptures throughout. She is the absolute best. Her mom recently fought breast cancer and won, so she is a support in school and in my life in so many ways, and the rest of my PhD class is so amazing and supportive as well. That book was just so special.

Also, today after my radiation treatment, my team (Andrew, Sally, and Huma) asked me to get dressed and come back out because they had a birthday present for me. At first, I thought they were joking, and then I realized they were completely serious. I got dressed and they were holding a big gift bag. I opened it and it was a beautiful bag/purse and scarf. They said they went to Target on their lunch break one day and picked it out for me- is that not the sweetest thing ever? They are the absolute best. They are genuinely sweet people, and I am so thankful to have them working on me. I can't imagine doing what they do each day and how draining that must be, and for them to take time out of their day for little ole' me is so kind. It made my day today. They also have given me ideas for things to do in Houston and are so gracious as I ask questions during my treatments.

One of those suggestions they gave us was to go to Galveston and the Kemah area. That is what we are doing this weekend. The Summers (whom we stayed with during the time my white count was low) have invited us to spend the weekend with them on the beach in Galveston. We are excited to get a mini-vacation this weekend. They are so sweet and generous to us, and we are looking forward to spending some time in Galveston and Kemah. We cruised out of Galveston on our honeymoon 6 years ago, but we didn't spend much time there, so it will be fun! So thankful we are enjoying our time here as much as possible, but I am missing home!

I really do miss home, but I told Josh this past week- he is where my home is. I know that sounds SO cheesy, but it is true. Yes, I miss my house, my family, my friends, my bed, my sweet dog, but my heart is at rest when I am with Josh. We could be on the other side of the world, but when I am with him, I am at rest. God has truly molded us together as one.

Soon, my mom will come visit and we are hoping to come home next weekend. 2 weeks down- 4 to go!! I completed my 11th treatment today and have 18 more:)

Oh and I met with Dr. Strom this week and I am having a slight skin reaction. He noticed some redness, but that is what he wants to see. Please continue praying that he gets the skin reaction he needs, but that it stays healthy. To know that you all haven't forgotten about me has meant so much. I've heard from so many that the hardest times can be at the end of treatment or when treatment is over. I am by no means anticipating that for me, but it does give me much to pray for. Thank you for loving us. My last treatment is July 12th..less than a month away:)

At my birthday dinner with my awesome man!

On the Riverwalk with my amazing friends, Ains and Marg.

This is a page in the book that my friend, Lauren put together for me. It is so, so sweet.

And this is the bag and scarf that my radiation team got for me- isn't it the cutest?!

Signed by my awesome team...

Josh once again changing out our tire..such a good sport

Love you all.. will update again next week. God is taking care of me here in Houston, but I miss you all!


ReneeClary said...

Aly, you look amazing!!!! Ryan and I would like to have you, your husband and mom over for dinner. Call me or email me or 713-409-4454. Glad you got to see your friends. They are the best medicine.

Ginny Evans said...

Aly, you continue to amaze me as you walk this journey. The joy in your face shows Jesus through and through!! You and Josh are just such fine examples of how much God loves us. Please know you are both loved and prayed for all the time. Just can't wait to see how God is going to use you in the future with your testimony!! Love, Ms. Ginny

nancycurb said...

Hi Aly,
You don't know me but I stumbled across your blog about a month ago and as a fellow breast cancer fighter, I find you to be such a wonderful inspiration! I was told I was "young" at 41, but I can't imagine going through this as bravely as you are when I was 25! Geez, at my OWN age, even! (Happy Birthday, by the way!)

I was diagnosed this past March with stage 2, triple negative BC. I seem to be on the same treatment schedule as you are and just had my first FAC chemo last Thursday. (#10 overall) I, too, am getting my treatments at MD Anderson, but up in The Woodlands. I've thought about you often (in a totally non-creepy way!) and often refer to your blog to see how you may have handled certain aspects.

Thank you for your honest and positive candor! I also have a blog for my experiences; however, my commentary is a little more "colorful" than yours, so the fact that we're polar opposites in that respect makes your story that much more interesting to me.

Good luck in your journey! Thanks for helping me stay strong!

Aly Taylor said...

Aww thank you Renee. I will call you this week and we can set something up. That would be great:)

Aly Taylor said...

Thank you Ms. Ginny. I can't wait to see how he'll use us either. I know His plans are good. Thank you for loving us and continuing to pray!

Aly Taylor said...

Aww thanks Nancy. I think it's awesome that my blog can help others. Especially young triple negative ladies. I read a lot of your blog and I love your positive attitude. Thank you for letting me know I've been an encouragement. I am praying for you and please feel free to contact me if you need anything!