Friday, December 23, 2011

Only 4 more treatments of Taxol!!!!!!!

That is what my nurse said as she was finishing administering my 8th round of chemo! She said "only 4 more rounds of Taxol!" How awesome is that?! It really has gone by quickly. After Taxol, I"ll have another 12 weeks of chemo, but then I'll be done with chemo forever!!

Let me back track....Josh and I were planning on heading to Houston Thursday morning, but late Wednesday afternoon, we were offered a plane ride that we could not turn down and it was an amazing blessing. We flew into Houston Wednesday night and had blood work and chemo on Thursday...I was done at 12:45 with everything!!!!! We couldn't believe how fast everything went. Oh, and my ANC was 3.74!!!! I cant tell you how thankful we are for this wonderful blood work!

We stayed at a hotel the first night, and Thursday night, the Stanfills opened up there home to us, yet again. We had a great night, a great dinner, and a wonderful time visiting with their family. We love them!!!

We flew in this morning and I was able to get some more of my shopping done today. It's amazing how much more energized you can feel by being in a plane an hour and a half as opposed to 6 hours in a car. God is so good to us.

Next week, I have my 2nd ultrasound to once again monitor my response to treatment, as well as an echocardiogram. Because the 2nd type of chemo I will be on is much more tough on the body, they have to make sure it won't negatively affect my heart. Please be praying that the cancer is continuing to shrink if not gone, in Jesus' name. Also, please pray the echocardiogram comes back normal so I can get the FAC treatment come January 26th.

I love you guys!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Here are some pics from treatment 8...


Rob and Sharon said...

Merry Christmas sweet Josh and Aly! You both are beautiful in the pics. We love you so much. Once again, thank you for telling us exactly how to pray, Aly. I am an organized girl and I like specifics! We are also still praying Psalm 128 for you and Josh. God IS answering our prayers Aly, and I eagerly anticipate His greatness as he continues to bless and heal you. Enjoy your night and we will see you in the morning!

Ashley Evans said...

Hi Aly and Josh! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for letting us know how to specifically pray for your needs. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, Aly, and you and Josh are such an inspirational couple.

Cherrylimeaide05 said...

Praying for you sweet girl!!! You are so motivational!!

The Lewis' said...

Aly it was good seeing you at church Christmas sunday. You and Josh are in my prayer's daily. I can see God's hand upon you sweet girl. I pray a blessed and prosperous new year for you guys!XXOO